Your Complete Guide To Buying a Tonneau Cover Online

A tonneau cover is an excellent way to protect your belongings in your truck. Covers come in a range of sizes, materials and mounting styles, so use this online buying guide to compare leading options. Shop for hard tonneau covers, soft covers and name-brand options to keep your truck looking sharp and ready to roll. Explore ways to narrow your search and arrive at a killer cover style and size for your reliable truck.

Common Types of Tonneau Covers

The most affordable tonneau cover options are soft covers. These flexible, waterproof covers are attached with channels or another method. It's typically easier to roll up or fold up these covers to get them out of your way, but they don't offer the same level of security.

Hard covers are rugged enough to prevent even the most determined thieves. They come with a locking system and use either aluminum, fiberglass or ABS polymer for watertight security. Hard covers are usually more expensive, and they often require more storage space when you are ready to drive without a cover.

Both hard and soft covers come in a few different styles. Here are the common types of covers for your truck:

  • Roll up
  • Folding
  • Hinged
  • Retractable

Roll up and folding covers come in both hard and soft varieties, while hinged and retractable are hard options. There isn't an easy answer for the best cover on the market, so compare features and price tags to find the cover that fits your driving needs.

Bed Rails and Sealing Methods

In the past, most bed covers for trucks used a long line of snaps to connect a soft cover to your truck. This method becomes extremely difficult, particularly after a few years of use. Most modern tonneau covers use velcro or a low-profile channel system to lock into place. These methods are easier than snaps and they still provide reliable, tightly sealed protection.

Carefully read the specifications of any sealing method before you purchase your cover. Some trucks already have channels in place for low-profile covers, while others are better suited for a velcro seal. Ladder racks and other accessories may require you to choose a low-profile option instead of a complete cover.

Tonneau Measuring Steps

Buy a cover that matches the actual length of your truck bed. Some advertised bed lengths take the tailgate, rail or other features into account, so measure your own truck bed before ordering. Start inside the bulkhead and measure all the way to the inside of your tailgate. Don't include any rails or other features in your truck bed. If you have a truck tool box, be sure your tonneau cover is compatible with this design.

Where To Find the Best Tonneau Covers

Whether you're looking for a leading tri fold hard top tonneau cover or an affordable roll-up soft cover, shop online to find the brands you need. Don't settle for a generic or costly cover, but invest in a popular option that can confidently fit your truck. Cruise to work or blaze new trails with industry-leading weather and theft protection for all your tools, camping gear and more.