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In the Car Insurance Category on Automobiles Review you preview only the recently published articles about topics concerning car insurance. Here you can read how to provide financial protection against damage or injuries in cases of car accidents.

Car Insurance

Black box insurance: What is it and will you benefit?

If you’re looking for a way to bring down the cost of your car insurance then installing a little black box might be the answer. You can find great deals with a number of insurance providers, who will offer a personalised quote based on when and how well you drive. Car dealers up and down the country can also le

Money Saving Tips on Motor Expenses

Although shopping for a new car often sounds very glamorous, it can actually be quite painstaking.  What initially can be a fun adventure can very quickly turn into a nightmare: you may not be able to find the car you want at the price you want. If buying a used vehicle, you may find the right model, but it may have too many kilometers on it.  And then there's the separate problem of attempting to get a car insurance quote, which may be far too high for your monthly budget, even if the initial p

Auto insurance tips

With the cost of motoring spiralling out of control it can be tempting to cut corners on car insurance to save some cash. However by following some simple steps you should still be able to find a great deal. Here are our tips to keep your costs in check: Tip one: Choose a suitable car Many car buyers think beyond the retail price and consider how much the vehicle will cost them in terms of fuel and road tax – but not enough of us factor in insurance costs too. So before you search for a