dimora brings hpe venom gt to the middle east market

DiMora brings HPE Venom GT to the Middle East market

Hennessey Performance, the top-end Texas-based tuning specialist and DiMora Motorcar, the head-turning dream vehicles manufacturer have signed a special agreement, which makes DiMora company an exclusive distributor for HPE rides in the Middle East and India. Thanks to its extensive contacts in the Middle East cars

meet natalia sls2: lean in the waist, mean under it... and very very smart

Meet Natalia SLS2: Lean In The Waist, Mean Under It... And Very Very Smart

The year was 1996. The then-new AUDI A8 3.7 and Mercedes S320 were getting it on... Until they actually got a move on, that is. When they did, the Audi obliterated the Mercedes gern1, both in terms of acceleration and top speed (table below), while keeping about the same fuel consumption as its Stuttgart foe. 1996 Mercedes S320 vs. Audi A8 3.7 Acceleration 0-100 km/h 9.5s 8.7s Top Speed km/h 230 250 Average Fuel Cons