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Polestar News

polestar and alexander stutterheim present the wool express

Marking the festive season, Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, has collaborated  with fashion designer Alexander Stutterheim for a timely project. Alexander Stutterheim is the founder of the eponymous raincoat brand that took the world by storm when launched in 2011, as well as his latest adve

balenciaga partners with polestar in virtual fall collection showcase

Polestar, the electric performance car brand, has collaborated with luxury fashion house Balenciaga to help showcase its latest fall collection. The new fashion collection will debut in “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow”, afuturistic video game set in the year 2031. The team at Balenciaga approached Polestar to help add depth to the virtual environment by placing Polestar cars on the streets in the game. Inspired by the Polestar De

polestar design contest winners announced

The winners of Polestar’s first annual Design Contest have been chosen. Their designs will soon embark on a global exhibition, being displayed virtually and in Polestar Spaces around the world. The Polestar Design Contest invited both professional and student designers to create a vision of future mobility with the theme of “purity”. They were asked to present a new Polestar that exhibits the purest of designs; a vision of Polestar's evolution in the year 2040 that follows the Polestar design philosoph

polestar announces plans for precept to enter production

Polestar has confirmed it will put the Precept into production. Revealed earlier this year, the Polestar Precept started life as a manifesto to illustrate the brand’s future vision and was described as a commitment car, not a concept car. Showcasing the Swedish electric performance brand’s future design dire