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SMS Supercars News

sms 302 ford mustang - more power and better looking

SMS Signature cars are most eagerly awaited by all Mustang fans all over the world. The 2010 SMS 570 Challenger was launched in the spring of 2009 and now it is time to introduce SMS 302 Mustang, which is the second car of all three in the SMS Series. The 2011 SMS 620 Camaro is expected later this year. “Many auto

sms supercars presents 2010 620 camaro

The first images of the Steve Saleen's 2010 SMS 620 Camaro are here! At the Detroit Motor Show 2010, Steve Saleen’s company, SMS Supercars is unwrapping its latest creation, the 2010 SMS 620 Camaro. "The SMS 620 Camaro will be the only Camaro authorized to benefit from my heritage and to incorporate innovations derived from my thirty plus years of racing and manufacturing experience. We are excited to add the SMS 620 Camaro to our line of SMS Signature Series cars, which includes the SMS 57