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AutomobilesReview.com is Web Blog and Online Community specialized in representing automobile news, reviews, tuning and auto shows to the World Wide Web users.

Editorial Team

Zahari Mladenov

Editor-in-Chief (email), AutomobilesReview.com

Zahari Mladenov has been with AutomobilesReview since day one, working hard on building a simple yet reliable automotive web blog. Guiding and supporting its team of editors and writers, Mladenov is dedicated on representing the latest updates from the auto scene in unique and fun way.

Victor Ivanov

Senior Editor (email), AutomobilesReview.com

Victor Ivanov has been an automotive power head since birth and grew up tweaking its own beloved Bavarian rides. As a human-hybrid between an adrenaline junkie and a drift enthusiast, Victor has contributed a unique style into AutomobilesReview’s tuning and motorsport segments.

Nikolai Kalenski

Editor (email), AutomobilesReview.com

Nikolai Kalenski has been editing and writing for performance and luxury rides since he joined the crew in May 2008. He has more than 5 years of experience as a freelance writer and editor, and has contributed a mind-boggling insight to its know-how category – car tuning.

Lidia Todorova

Editor (email), AutomobilesReview.com

Lidia Todorova has been a freelance editor and writer since 2004. She is mostly experienced in the fields of PR and new technologies. Her love for high-speed vehicles and automotive technologies was the core factor to start writing for Automobilesreview.com since the end of 2011. She also enjoys the more creative aspects of automotive industries such as tunings and innovative technologies. However, the most important aspect of this huge industry, in her opinion, is the environmental one. She is also motorcycle enthusiast.

Tsvetan Varbanov

Editor (email), AutomobilesReview.com

Tsvetan Varbanov has been digging the auto-world since its teenage years. His addiction for rough power and hundred per-cent charge of passion for cars brought him to Automobilesreview few months ago. Now, his passion is transformed into the words of its articles, showcasing the latest in the automotive racing and concept cars.