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In the Auto News Category on Automobiles Review you will find everything that has been published on a daily basis: from various production cars to tunings and concepts. Here you can also easily browse through all previously published articles.

Auto News

vauxhall has announced details for the corsa gsi: check'em out!

Vauxhall has announced details for the Corsa GSi: Check'em out!

Even after 25 years on the British market, Vauxhall can still show off with the Corsa. Something more, the team has planned to make a dramatic return in GSi guise this year and showcase a new and revised Insignia GSi machine. The vehicle will be available for ordering later in 2018 and will benefit from an already popular features: it will borrow key chassis and design elements from the Corsa VXR, but it will also try to offer more interior sp

mitsubishi team showcases one more limited edition machine: the barbarian

Mitsubishi team showcases one more limited edition machine: the Barbarian

Mitsubishi Motors continues to impress us by delivering even more goodies to the already successful L200 model lineup. Recently the team has unveiled The Barbarian SVP II – a special edition machine, produced by the SVP (Special Vehicle Projects) division. The Barbarian is based on the original limited edition SVP model and just like the predecessor it comes with recognizable styling and tons of drivetrain upgrades. There will be only 250 unit

posaidon team upgrades the already appealing amg a 45

POSAIDON team upgrades the already appealing AMG A 45

Mercedes-AMG A 45 has already impressed critics and fans – with its massive power output and numerous premium upgrades, the compact beast is anything but boring. However, POSAIDON team has decided to take a closer look at the vehicle and add some stuff here and there. So, let’s check it out, shall we? Although being

ford showcases details for the all-new fiesta model [video]

Ford showcases details for the all-new Fiesta model [VIDEO]

Arriving in three trim levels, Active 1, Active B&O PLAY and Active X, the new Fiesta has a lot to demonstrate. All three levels feature distinctive looks and tons of handy features. For example, all three models feature tree driving modes, EPS with Hill Start Assist and many more. So, let’s check’em out, shall we?

honda reveals details for the upcoming accord hybrid: this one looks promising!

Honda reveals details for the upcoming Accord Hybrid: this one looks promising!

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid arrives on March, 23rd and will make everything possible in order to maintain brand’s high positions and popularity in the segment. And given that the team offers class-leading power output, plenty of interior space and tons of utility and comfort features, we are keen to give this vehicle the chance it deserves. In order to be suitable for wider range of buyers, Accord Hybrid will be offered in a total of five tri

here's how toyota's new global architecture affects the contemporary vehicles

Here's how Toyota's New Global Architecture affects the contemporary vehicles

Rarely we do see a family-friendly vehicle that delivers both comfort and agility without compromising styling and power. In fact, the new Toyota Auris tries to be all of that: functional, agile, powerful and comfortable at the same time. And given that it comes with that thing, called Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) we are eager to give this handy machine a chance. In fact, this is the third model that adopts the TNGA technology after P

maybach showcases pullman: the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity

Maybach showcases Pullman: the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity

Mercedes-Maybach is still one of the most prominent and luxurious vehicle brands out there. And it is still in the business – recently the team has revealed a machine that symbolizes the absolute top of enginers’ capabilities: the Pullman. It is a massive, powerful and excuisite reading of what a vehicle can achieve in terms of luxury. So, let’s check it out! Exterior design It is instantly recognizable: with well-known design features and

dte systems incorporates a special chip in a lucky audi a8

DTE Systems incorporates a special chip in a lucky Audi A8

One of the most prominent Audi models so far, the A8 machine receives neat tuning by DTE Systems team. Geared with special PowerControl X system, the lucky Audi unit now produces the outstanding 322hp and 669Nm of torque. Let’s find out more, shall we? What the project is all about is that PowerCotnrol X feature. It

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