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porsche is the winner at the j.d. power apeal study for 3rd consecutive year

Porsche won the top sport with customers among premium brands in the J.D. Power 2021 US Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study. This is the third year in a row in which Porsche elands at No.1 ranking in the premium category in the annual study of customer experience with owning and driving a new car. It is exciting to see drivers connecting with what we think is the best, most complete range of sports cars we’ve ever had, said Kjel

ford makes a strategic partnership with ms-rt

MS-RT, the design-led automotive engineering company with a track record for low volume, premium special edition models in the Commercial Vehicle Sector, is taking the advantage of its exclusive partnership with the Ford team. The recent productive dialogues will result in seeing the new MS-RT moving onto Ford’s Dagenham estate to undertake further customization, but also will enable MS-RT to lock up its logo with Ford’s Blue Oval, one of the most popular and well-recognized marks in the world. The senior

a special 1979 ford escort rs2000 is offered from richard hammond and the smallest cog team

Classic Car Auctions offer a special 1979 Ford Escort RS2000 Mk2. This is an exceptional example and is supplied directly from Richard Hammon and his partners at “The Smallest Cog”. The vehicle was originally shipped to the UK, but then spent time in the Isle of Man before becoming a part of a collection in the Republic of Ireland. Earlier this year, Richard and his team took the car to The London Classic Car Show before recommissioning.

gm defense will create a lineup of heavy-duty surburbans for u.s. government agencies

The US Department of State has awarded the GM Defence LLC, a subsidiary of General Motors, a contract to develop and validate the next generation of Large Support Utility Commercial Vehicles for future fleet production in support of the Department’s Diplomatic Security Service. Also, as a part of the total development contract, GM Defence will create a dedicated Heavy-Duty Suburban model and will build about 10 of these in the next two years.

7 mistakes you should avoid after a car accident

A car accident can be an overwhelming experience, especially when the injuries and damage to the car are extensive. However, how you respond right after the accident can determine if you worsen the situation or protect your rights. Knowing the mistakes to avoid is equally important as knowing what to do after an accident. Your odds of receiving your due compensations for the loss suffered go up when you avoid making these eight mistakes after the car crash. 1.    Not contacting your insurance company and at

the jeep wrangler 4xe is at first place in the 10 best engines and propulsion systems

The innovative 4xe plug-in hybrid propulsion system in Jeep Wrangler delivers almost silent driving experience, while enhances the off-road capabilities of the vehicle. The system has also been voted a Wards 10 Best Engines and Propulsion Systems winner in the first year of eligibility. The Jeep Wrangler 4xe provides 21 miles of zero-emission all-electric range and is EPA rated at 49 miles per gallon-equivalent (MPGe). Also, within weeks of

lexus launches it new marketing campaing, named

Lexus launches its new marketing campaign in which the brand celebrates its commitment to engineering vehicles that deliver freedom and pleasure. In order to bring “Emotional Sparks”, the team partnered with a group of musical artists who gained the first-hand experience with the innovations like the new Teammate Advanced Drive Technology, Park and Plug-In Hybrid Electric system and the exhilarating 5.0L, naturally-aspirated V8 engine. Mot

citroen unveils the new c5 aircross suv hybrid phev black edition model

Citroen has revealed information about the new C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid PHEV Black Edition, which is already available for order. Given the strong customer demand for more personalization options, Citroen team announces this lineup and the new trim levels coming with it - ‘Shine’, ‘Shine Plus’ and ‘Black Edition’ trim levels. What makes this model special is the addition of some distinctive goodies like Perla Nera Black contrasting r

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