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MINI Cooper D Tag Feed

MINI Cooper D 5-Door Hatchback

Before the new many first-ever five-door hatchback makes an official world debut at the Paris Motor Show 2014, the company decided to unveil their pricing strategy for the UK, the new model will start at £14,350 ($23,545), the company’s second-biggest market worldwide. Compared to the 3-door, the car with two extra doors is just £600 more

Post by Nikolai Kalenski on 25 September 2014

MINI Baker Street and Bayswater

Two new interesting models from MINI -  Baker Street and Bayswater will hit the market in spring 2012. Both cars feature expressive design highlights and nice equipment. The MINI Baker Street embodies the youthful, fresh and innovative trend-setting style of the brand, while the MINI Bayswater focuses primarily on the sporting verve and agile h

Post by Victor Ivanov on 19 January 2012

2011 Mini Cooper D

MINI Cooper D is one of the best options on the market, when it comes to fuel saving and good comfort at decent price. The small city car is powered by a 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbocharged diesel with 112PS (82 kW) at 4000RPM and 270Nm (200 lb-ft) at just 1750RPM. It is not astonishingly fast, but it is superbly efficient – 74.3 mpg on combi

Post by Victor Ivanov on 08 September 2011

MINI comes with special offers for the UK this August

MINI UK will put on sale the new family model this August. The vehicle is refreshened both – inside and outside. The range will include two new diesel power units, which achiev

Post by Victor Ivanov on 28 June 2010

Premiere for the MINI One Clubman, the MINI One with 55 kW and the Earl Grey Package

New basic models of the MINI and MINI Clubman, new equipment package with attractive price benefit - world premiere at the International Automobile Salon in Geneva, market launch i

Post by Zahari Mladenov on 15 January 2009

Mini Clubman

The wraps are now off the new MINI Clubman, an all-new addition to the MINI model range. With an anticipated international debut this fall, the MINI Clubman will go on sale in Europe this November in three model configurations: the MINI Cooper Clubman, the MINI Cooper D Clubman and the MINI Cooper S Clubman. In the US market the MINI Cooper Clubman

Post by Nikolai Kalenski on 30 July 2007

Mini Cooper D

The new MINI hatch line-up will soon be complete, when the new MINI One and MINI Cooper D models are unveiled to the public at the International Geneva Motor Show on 8 March 2007. The entry-level One features a perky 95hp 1.4-litre petrol engine, while the Cooper D boasts performance and fuel efficiency from an all-new 1.6-litre 110hp turbodiesel p

Post by Nikolai Kalenski on 16 January 2007
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