During the Monterey Car Week, one of the most prestigious automobile shows in the world, Bugatti will debut the first of its sixpart exclusive Bugatti Legends edition, "Les Légendes de Bugatti". As part of the weekend, the French luxury brand is celebrating the world premiere of its first Legend model, which has been bestowed the name "Jean-Pierre Wimille". As with all five subsequent editions, this Legend will be limited to three vehicles.

The exterior boasts two-tone paint inspired by Bugatti Type 57G Tank which Wimille used to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1937. The model also has Le Mans-inspired graphics and lasered logos of Jean-Pierre Wimille's signature. Other highlights include two-tone interior featuring Bleu Wimille and Lake Blue leather upholstery with light blue contrast stitching. There are also embroidered headrests, blue carbon fiber trim elements and special "Les Legendes de Bugatti" badging.

Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse is powered by an 8.0 liter W16 quad-turbo engin – 1200HP (883 kW) and 1500Nm (1106 lb-ft) of torque. The engine is connected to a 7-speed DSG gearbox. 0-100 km/h in 2.6 seconds and 0-200 km/h in 7.1 seconds, 0-300 km/h in 16 seconds dead. The top speed is 410 km/h (254 mph).  ¼ mile is covered in 10.0 seconds flat and 1 mile in just 25.0 seconds. Other interesting disciplines like 0-100-0 km/h take 5.9 seconds and 0-200-0 take 12.9 seconds. The interesting 0-300-0, which is brutal for the brakes take 23.9 seconds.

Source: Bugatti