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cadillac debuts ats-l luxury sport sedan next week

Cadillac Debuts ATS-L Luxury Sport Sedan Next Week

Cadillac ATS-L Luxury Sport Sedan is going to be launched in China next week. The company highlights its three key features: the new 8-speed automatic transmission and start/stop system, the OnStar 4G LTE and the on-board Wi-Fi, and the compatibility with iOS-based Apple CarPlay. Since it was revealed, the ATS-L has

kahn reveals land rover defender 110 double cab pick up cwt

Kahn Reveals Land Rover Defender 110 Double Cab Pick Up CWT

Friday has arrived and so is the newest Kahn project. It is again based on a Land Rover vehicle, and this time under the spot is the Land Rover Defender 110 Double Cab Pick Up. In the work was also involved the Chelsea Truck Company, giving the Defender wider, luxurious and more menacing look. Exterior This particula

posaidon knows how good 700hp are for mercedes-amg gt s [video]

POSAIDON Knows How Good 700HP Are for Mercedes-AMG GT S [VIDEO]

POSAIDON Mercedes-AMG GT RS 700 is another example for a team that has knowledge how to deal really well with a Mercedes-AMG GT or GT S! The tuning brand has lately become very popular with their work on these particular models and this unit is another example of their crazy-good work! SEE ALSO: POSAIDON with Two More Powerful Mercedes-AMGs The classic sportscar is pretty good in its standard form, too. It is equipped with AMG’s 4.0-liter bi-tu

blood type racing reveals first sketch of sema-built veloster turbo

Blood Type Racing Reveals First Sketch of SEMA-Built Veloster Turbo

Blood Type Racing is known for their one-off Hyundai SEMA-built vehicles. As the auto event is coming near, we are to see more and more exciting projects. So, here it is the Blood Type Racing Hyundai Veloster Turbo R-Spec’s first sketch. The car is under preparation for this year’s SEMA show and as we can see from the image it has this sinister look and tough presence. Sinister Appearance for the Exterior It seems that this Veloster has switche

toyota s-fr concept: is it sweet or is it aggressive?

Toyota S-FR Concept: Is it Sweet or is it Aggressive?

Toyota S-FR is a special concept automobile which continues the heritage of brand's comfort and flexible sports vehicles. Pitched as an entry-level model, this sweetie accents on responsiveness, dynamics and aims to make as much people as possible to fall in love with it. But will it succeed? Compact and sweet SEE AL

chevrolet introduces six gen camaro accessories and performance parts

Chevrolet Introduces Six Gen Camaro Accessories and Performance Parts

Chevrolet has just introduced a wide range of accessories which come in help to those seeking more personalization options for their Camaro. The company is also offering additional performance parts for sportier driving.  Gen Six Camaro is getting ready to roll into showrooms this fall, and this is why Chevrolet is making a double introduction with available accessories and performance parts. There is literally everything that one could want:

toyota demonstrates a vehicle from the distant future!

Toyota Demonstrates A Vehicle From the Distant Future!

Science says that compressed hydrogen has a higher energy density than electricity and can be generated from extended range of materials. Materials that are easy to store and easy to use. Clean generation of hydrogen from numerous primary energy sources will definitely make local and self-sufficient power generation re

mitsubishi ex1 concept compact suv is coming our way!

Mitsubishi eX1 Concept Compact SUV Is Coming Our Way!

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation MMC will unveil the MITSUBISHI eX1 Concept Compact SUV concept vehicle that will incorporate the latest EV system at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015. Furthermore, along with the electric vehicle features, the concept will also demonstrate and the Dynamic Shield front design idea as well as