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In the Technology Category on Automobiles Review you preview only the recently published articles about all contemporary technology innovations related to vehicles. Here you can explore the technical aspects of cars and see what happens behind their shells.


bmw to produce limited series of i8 protonic red edition

BMW to Produce Limited Series of i8 Protonic Red Edition

BMW i8 has been already sold in over 5,400 units this year. The big interest demands variety of trims for the customers and for this reason, the company is entering a special Protonic Red Edition that will be limited for only a period of time. Having a clever hybrid drivetrain, the i8 produces 362 hp (266 kW) and cover

honda announces us pricing for clarity fuel cell

Honda Announces US Pricing for Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is company’s newest five-passenger, hydrogen-powered sedan. Honda has just announced it’s pricing and plans to lease it to customers in select California markets before the end of 2016. The hydrogen vehicle will have an expected starting price of around $60,000 USD. Those who are looking for a lease, will have to spare around $500 USD every month. Furthermore, Honda announced that it will initially produce the car in low volumes. However, the company expects to move to retail sales with i

volkswagen releases a video teaser of the ces concept car

Volkswagen Releases a Video Teaser of the CES Concept Car

After having released the first official teaser image of the CES concept car in the mid of December, Volkswagen has uploaded on their official YouTube Channel a video showing a little bit more of the vehicle. The company also stated that the “Internet of Things is making our cars more and more intelligent”. This leads

bmw to introduce airtouch at consumer electronics show

BMW to Introduce AirTouch at Consumer Electronics Show

BMW is getting ready for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which will take place between 6th and 9th January in Las Vegas. The company will happily present there a so called Vision Car, which will have a single purpose: to demonstrate the interior of the future including a modern user interface. Why is this needed?

bac mono is a hidden rising star... to watch for

BAC Mono is a Hidden Rising Star... to Watch For

BAC Mono isn’t a car that we talk about every day. But when we do, it is to mark an achievement of this unique British luxury sports car. The reason for this article here is that the vehicle has been announced as a rising star in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, and precisely has been picked as “One to Watch”. By the way, the company sold 21 Mono supercars around the world in 2015. And it has attracted investment from international backers to help push this further in the next 12 months. This has helped BAC to o

here is why hyundai ioniq breaks the hybrid stereotype

Here is Why Hyundai IONIQ Breaks the Hybrid Stereotype

Hyundai IONIQ will make its world premiere in Korea in January and then it will be shown in March during the Geneva International Motor Show, followed by the New York Auto Show. But what is more important is that this car will make a revolution in the alternative fuel automotive industry. It will offer for the first ti

porsche announces “green light” for the electric mission e

Porsche Announces “Green Light” for the Electric Mission E

Porsche Mission E is a concept car not far away from its first production variant. The EV was unveiled in September and it amazed the general public with its 600 hp of total output, 500 km range on a single charge, and 15 minutes for an 80 percent charging of the battery. Nice, isn’t it? So, the question that was running in our minds is whether this is Tesla Model S biggest rival. Well, we have to wait a little bit and ironically we must admit

2016 honda civic coupe and clarity fuel cell vehicle to debut in l.a.

2016 Honda Civic Coupe and Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle to Debut in L.A.

2016 Honda Civic Coupe, or the tenth generation ecstatic Civic, and the Clarity Fuel Cell are going to make their North American debut at the Los Angeles Auto show next week. Both vehicles offer a new expression of valuable qualities such as ‘Clean, Safe and Fun’, and they are going to put a strong emphasis on them during the show. 10th Gen Civic Coupe The Coupe is built over the same sports platform of the Civic, and its appearance at the even

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