WRAPworks has chosen the compact Opel in order to make of it an exquisite creation which will proudly carry the name "Nurburgring Edition". The foil colors that have bee used in this project are titan-metallic mat as well as high-gloss red and they have been carefully chosen to match the factory logo.

However, in order to foil every tiny detail, the car has been largely disassembled into its component parts. In addition, there was especially developed a high-gloss digital printing in carbon style for the engine hood in order to accentuate the logo.

What is ore, this Astra is equipped with an exhaust system by Remus with centered tailpipe which is accentuated by means of the red line ending on it. To preserve the relation to the original Nurburg Edition, the series checks have been left on the bonnet, top and tailgate, at least partially.

Next, the Astra H OPC is lowered by means of EIBACH-30/30 springs and includes an OPC 1 brake cooling and yellow fog lights, an adjustable Whiteline-rear axle-stabilizer and a Pipercross air filter, Courtenay PU motor bearing and the bronze bushings for the guide pins of the ATE-break calipers at the front axle, Nitro rims by Motec in size 8x18 ET30 and Hankook Ventus V12 tyres in size 225/40ZR18. Finally the rear wiper was removed and Rally-4-safety belts by SCHROTH were installed inside.

Source: Miranda Media