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another essen motor show debut: meet the falcon based on bmw x6 m [video]

Another Essen Motor Show Debut: Meet the Falcon Based on BMW X6 M [VIDEO]

AC Schnitzer has just debuted another vehicle at the Essen Motor Show. It is called the Falcon and it looks amazing. It is based on the BMW X6 M model and it is capable of a lot! Featuring an extensive tuning for the engine, exterior and some goodies for the interior, AC Schnitzer experts made this vehicle really stand out from the crowd. SEE ALSO:

wimmer reveals the stunning x-bow r limited

WIMMER Reveals the Stunning X-Bow R Limited

Along with the chip tuning, WIMMER Racing Sport Techniques also focuses its entire activity in delivering vehicle upgrades, fine-tuning and numerous improvements. The sporty exhaust system, which is of its own production, along with chassis techniques and sports brakes are what matters for the WIMMER engineers the most. Also, WIMMER RST is the German retailing partner and type A dealer of KTM Sportcar GmbH, offering in this capacity a.o. KTM X-Bow R Limited Edition in small series of three exemplars. This sweeti

ingo noak tuning team granted golf vi with special attention

Ingo Noak Tuning Team Granted Golf VI With Special Attention

Recently, the world of motorsport and automobile tuning witnessed the arrival of new terms and names: Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny, Rauh-Welt Bergiff. This all means that there are numerous premium vehicles that receive even more interesting and exclusive tuning. For example, in Japan and US often there are conventions that are implemented by angle-grinder maiming of the vehicles, but it was about time someone prove the opposite. And this is indeed

pp exclusive and liberty walk unite for monstrous bmw m3-based tuning

PP Exclusive and Liberty Walk Unite for Monstrous BMW M3-Based Tuning

Last time we have heard about a project by PP Exclusive was nearly 3 years ago. Now I am very glad to introduce you to their latest tuning, which is based on the BMW M3 E92 model and on top of that features Liberty Walk widebody kit. Take a look at the pictures an you’ll see how menacing this beast-like machine looks. Right? The details here aren’t many but they are definitely worthy of telling. So how were those two tuning worlds involved in

it’s not bunny season but it is definitely time for a custom lexus rcf rocket bunny

It’s Not Bunny Season but it is Definitely Time for a Custom Lexus RCF Rocket Bunny

When it comes to Canada, besides the cold weather and the abundantly beautiful nature, I am really fond of the Vanvouver-based tuning company called SR Auto Group. Their projects are really simple and beautiful. But behind this simplicity I see a lot of precision and great craftsmanship. Their latest project is based on the Lexus RCF, which has been fitted with some cool parts that mainly enhance its appeal. The car is dressed in black so this

abt individual tunes audi rs3 to 450hp for essen motor show

ABT Individual Tunes Audi RS3 to 450HP for Essen Motor Show

Since there is an Essen Motor Show currently ongoing we are extremely happy to announce that there is some movement in the automotive scene. Yesterday we saw how AC Schnitzer has been preparing for the event and it is now time for another tuner to shine with an exclusive project created specifically for the show in Germany. Under the spotlight is ABT Sportsline with their take on Audi RS3. The tuners focused on four steps that led them to the ama

chrometec offers visual and functional upgrade for mercedes amg gt

CHROMETEC Offers Visual and Functional Upgrade for Mercedes AMG GT

CHROMETEC at Franconian Kleinrinderfeld, Germany stays true to its slogan "High Quality Tuning for Mercedes-Benz" and demonstrates it with its latest creation. Mercedes AMG GT now benefits from custom made feather-light carbon component, 100% handmade in Germany and further polished and shaped under the precise eye of CHROMETEC engineers. The vehicle now proudly demonstrates custom-made grille frame, four-part carbon-fiber  side fin set, and fron

techart magnum is back and it’s more beautiful and powerful than ever!

TECHART Magnum is Back and it’s More Beautiful and Powerful than Ever!

TECHART Magnum is a project based on the Porsche Cayenne famous for its uniqueness. Now it is back, more powerful and looking as good as hell! Almost everything has been renewed, starting from the design to the output rating. So let’s check it out! Magnificent Exterior At the front of the new design of the Magnum we see firmly shaped surfaces. The side air intakes, the bumper and the front spoiler have the typical TECHART shape. The design of t


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