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recon mc8 is here! meet a very special 1000hp audi r8 by potter & rich

RECON MC8 is Here! Meet a Very Special 1000HP Audi R8 by Potter & Rich

Potter & Rich Audi R8 RECON MC8 is one of the most extreme vehicles I have seen recently. Besides the very special photo-shoot that the car received and the exclusive pictures, this Audi has a lot more to show. Proudly presented by Potter & Rich we can’t get enough of it! Named “RECON MC8

john steed's famous muscled-up jaguar found and goes on sale

John Steed's Famous Muscled-Up Jaguar Found and Goes on Sale

1976 Jaguar XJ-C 12 is a mix of a classic car and a muscle one at first glance. However, there is more to that and I couldn’t help myself but write about it! First, I must tell you that this one-off jewel, painted in Racing Green, is owned by John Steed… Well, owned is a very strong word when I’m ta

dÄhler releases bmw m235i cabriolet with 390hp

dÄHLer Releases BMW M235i Cabriolet with 390HP

dÄHLer BMW M235i Cabriolet is a product of the Swiss tuning company dÄHLer Design & Technik GmbH. The aim in every project the experts do is to eventually offer optimized and exclusive driving pleasure. And this is exactly what has happened with this BMW M235i Cabrio. As a matter of fact, the car is the forerunner of M2 and this makes everything a little bit more exhilarating. Tuning for the Engine The compact cabriolet received a performance improvement for its engine. As a result the car now can generate up

kahn announces plans for speed 7 racer inspired by the 30s

Kahn Announces Plans for Speed 7 Racer Inspired by the 30s

Speed 7 is a vintage inspired racer which is Afzal Kahn's third coach-building car. After we have seen the birth of the successful Flying Huntsman at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and the WB12 Vengeance that is still to be launched this year, it is now time for the designers to continue with their exclusive projects.

oxigin ford f100 show car is hell of a truck! and here is why

OXIGIN Ford F100 Show Car is Hell of a Truck! And Here is Why

OXIGIN Ford F100 Show Car is one of the rarest examples of truly unique vehicle! With its strange looks, almost 60 years of history and unique tuning equipment, this truck immediately stands out. And we are sure no one can argue with that, right? Well, we must also admit that OXIGIN team has done a

jms releases tuning kit for volkswagen passat

JMS Releases Tuning Kit for Volkswagen Passat

JMS Volkswagen Passat 3C B8 is this week’s suggestion by the talented German tuners. After we have seen the exquisite BMW 5-Series Facelift, it is now time to take a look at the makeover of another German-made legend: the Passat. The work here is very similar to the one done to the BMW, so if you want to remind yourself what the tuner has revealed last week or to just make a comparison, please click the link below. SEE ALSO: Simple but Charming: Meet JMS BMW 5-Series Facelift  Tuning Program for the Newest Pass

hennessey performance creates 1000hp chevrolet camaro z/28 [video]

Hennessey Performance Creates 1000HP Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 [VIDEO]

Chevrolet Camaro is obviously a very hot topic today. We have received an interesting video from Hennessey Performance along with information about an extreme upgrade, called HPE1000. Yes, the number behind the abbreviation shows the horses this upgrade can give to your 2014/2015 Chevy Camaro! Mind-

lithfield bring even more confidence for ferrari 458

Lithfield Bring Even More Confidence for Ferrari 458

The well-known super-tuner Litchfield has announced details for the enhancement packs for the Ferrari 458. What the tuner adds is some noticeable boost in power and torque, as well some additional improvements on the exhaust note. Nice. The Ferrari 458 pack has been developed and tested for many months and countless