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Vauxhall News

2016 vauxhall gt concept's interior showcased before global debut

Vauxhall revealed GT Concept's interior with the idea to showcase the innovative technologies and futuristic design of the cabin. And ahead of vehicle's global debut at 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the team made a glimpse of what is to be the Human Machine Interface. This is a special system that allows sports cars to be completely operated by voice only and a central touch pad. Sounds cool, but is it really practical? The self-learning system can

vauxhall releases more details for the 2016 mokka x

Vauxhall's latest model, named Mokka X will debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show next month and will demonstrate restyled exterior looks and some interior improvements. In fact, the new Mokka X will be the first to showcase the X segment identifer for future Vauxhall SUVs and crossovers. Also, after the successful launc

2016 vauxhall gt concept to make debut at the geneva motor show

Vauxhall and Opel will reveal their vision of the future sports car with the GT Concept at this year’s Geneva International Motorshow (March 3-13). Avant-garde and confident the latest GT Concept car shows a dramatic stance, unmistakable presence and elegant, yet aggressive lines. In fact, this sweetie is especially designed to pay homage to two notable vehicle: the 1964 Vauxhall XVR and the 1965 Opel Experimental GT. As you might know, thes

opel to introduce brand new gt concept in geneva [w/videos]

Opel is going to introduce at the Geneva Motor Show a brand new car, called GT Concept. It has just released a second teaser video showing a glimpse of the future car. If you have missed the first one we have featured both videos below. What we can see from the last one is more of car’s design. In the clip, the CE

2016 vauxhall maloo will become even more appealing. check out why.

Despite the fact that Vauxhall doesn't offer that many pickup models, there is one particular that catches our eye: the Maloo LSA. It did it with arrival of the latest and greatest 6.2-liter 536hp (394kW) V8 power unit. In fact, the improvements for 2016 model year are clear: boost from 431hp to 536hp and from 570Nm to 671Nm. And this massive power will be cooled by an especially designed cooling system, which is indeed the Eaton 4-lobe and wi

winter is coming and according to vauxhall, there will be light

Winter is coming and brings tons of responsibilities for drivers and vehicle owners. And at this time of the year Vauxhall decided to add some more flavor to its all-new Astra with the IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights. As the dark times of the year approach, these adaptive, glare-free, permanent high-beam lamps will illuminate your road in a significant way and will also reduce the risk of accidents. Or at least say so Vauxhall's engineering team

2016 vauxhall astra sports tourer will be even more flexible

Vauxhall's 2016 Astra Sports Tourer will make its debut at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Like its five-door sibling, the Sports Tourer is based on lightweight architecture technology,  fresh design and improved drivetrain system. Style Just like the five-door hatch, the 2016 Sports Tourer embraces the "Sculptural Artistry meets Technical Precision" philosophy. But not only that. It even takes it to the next level. The vehicle will come with ex

will the latest vauxhall astra be really that interesting?

Vauxhall's latest Astra will be unveiled at the 2015 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt on 15th of September, around 09:00 at Stand D09 in Hall 8.0. Created at the Ellesmere Port plant in Cheshire, the model will be with 200 kg lighter than its predecessors and will also feature interesting engineering solutio

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