2013 Peugeot RCZ made its official debut at September's Paris Motor Show and now is going to be launched in two levels – Sport and GT. The new version of the sports coupe now includes a dramatic update to its front face, enhanced specifications, a wider choice of equipment options. Of course the facelifted Peugeot model will offer new colour and trim combinations.

First of all, the RCZ Sport features 18 inch "Original" alloy wheels, dual-zone air conditioning, rear parking aid and USB box with Bluetooth. This rich specification is enhanced further by automatic lighting, including ‘Approach' and ‘Follow-me-home' features. The new interior enhancements include half leather and leather/ Alcantara trim treatments.

Secondly, the GT level is fitted with 19 inch "Technical" alloy wheels. It also includes interior sports kit, complete with sports steering wheel and gear lever. Simple leather continues to define the interior of GT with the addition of an optional Cohiba Brown colour, on both simple and integral leathers. Furthermore, optional choices here are the matt black roof arches, body transfer decals and more alloy wheel options.

2013 RCZ has a starting price of £21 595 for the Sport version and £23 995 for the GT. The 260 hp Peugeot RCZ R is going to be launched towards the end of 2013.

Peugeot RCZ Sport, 2013 - PIC77236Peugeot RCZ Sport, 2013 - PIC77237Peugeot RCZ Sport, 2013 - PIC77238Peugeot RCZ Sport, 2013 - PIC77239Peugeot RCZ Sport, 2013 - PIC77240Peugeot RCZ Sport, 2013 - PIC77241Peugeot RCZ Sport, 2013 - PIC77242Peugeot RCZ Sport, 2013 - PIC77243

Peugeot RCZ R, 2013 - PIC77264Peugeot RCZ R, 2013 - PIC77265Peugeot RCZ R, 2013 - PIC77266Peugeot RCZ R, 2013 - PIC77267Peugeot RCZ R, 2013 - PIC77268Peugeot RCZ R, 2013 - PIC77269Peugeot RCZ R, 2013 - PIC77270Peugeot RCZ R, 2013 - PIC77271

Source: Peugeot