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Peugeot News

2016 peugeot 308 gti unleashed! to debut at goodwood [detailed review]

2016 Peugeot 308 GTi has been finally revealed prior to its official premiere at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The best news about it is that it will be available in the new model year in two variants, with 250hp and 270hp 1.6-litre THP S&S petrol engines. Both have been developed by PEUGEOT SPORT. The 308 GTi models can also show-off with capable chassis and Torsen limited-slip differential, which has been fitted only in the 270hp model.

2015 moving motor show will witness the debut of two new peugeot models

Peugeot team will use the Goodwood Moving Motor Show on June 25 to debut two models. There will be a special 308 model, that will make its world debut ,  while the special 309 R Hybrid will make its European debut. Let's see what happens here. Moving Motor Show's visitor will have the opportunity to book drives up the Goodwood Hill Climb in Peugeot's latest and greatest models: the 308 GT 205 THP hatchback, 308 GT Line PureTech 1.2-Liter and

peugeot 108 comes with sweeter looks and improved performance

The fancy PEUGEOT 108 already received the best of all prizes: customer's recognition for one of the best vehicles available for its cost. And now PEUGEOT team brings and other good news. The 108 model is now available with two additional technologies: Active City Brake and Lane Departure Warning  system. The first one, the Active City Brake alerts the driver for possible collision situations, when the speed of the vehicle is no more than 32

this peugeot 108 roland garros se is all about love of tennis

Peugeot has partnered with Roland Garros for a 108 Special Edition vehicle. The partnership is more than 30 years old and therefore you have probably heard that many special vehicles have been manufactured. In 1989 the French company has introduced its first two Roland Garros 205 and the 405 estate cars. Over the next years, thanks to this partnership were developed a lot of special editions with unique body styles that most closely match the ima

peugeot mysterious concept is a vision gran turismo [video]

At last! Peugeot has finally unveiled its mysterious car and as we guessed it is a Gran Turismo concept. But if you are following us at Twitter, then you will already know what I am talking about. Yesterday, we have published the first three official photos of the vehicle. Now it is time for the rest of them and for a

peugeot 208 and bluehdi engines set an efficiency record!

The 1.6-Liter BlueHDi 100 S&S PEUGEOT 208 has set a record for long-distance fuel consumption. The car has gone through 1,337.19 miles (2,152 km) with 9.45 gallons 43 liters) of Diesel. The average consumption was measured at 141.2 mpg. All the tests were done under the supervision of the UTAC. This test surely dem

peugeot gives with more information on its mysterious supercar concept

Do you remember when we told you about the mysterious Peugeot concept car? Well, we received further information about it. To be precise, it’s not written details, but pictures which actually tell a lot more. If with the previously released video, the French manufacturer invited us to solve the mystery behind the new project. These photos and sketches actually reveal and confirm a lot more. The first thing they support is that this concept w

can you guess which is peugeot’s mystery concept car? [video]

With the video below Peugeot invites us to actively solve the mystery about an upcoming project. The teaser we found on YouTube tells us the story of Peugeot’s mystery concept car. What we can get from it as information, since there is none, is that it is a vehicle which blends the codes of the GT supercar and the prototype sports car. What’s also confirmed is that it will be revealed very soon. From what we can see, this video comes to pr


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