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take a look at this lava-infused tesla model s

Larte Design has finally revealed its one-off Tesla Model S at the Top Marques Monaco. There were several teasers before this big event, which gradually delivered hints about the special car. Even the sketch they released two days ago showed that the design of the vehicle will speak for itself. And so it does. Just take a look at the astounding pictures in the gallery below. There are a lot of details that capture the attention. Such are the new more muscular front bumper and fender vents, the revised grille tha

larte design is drawing your attention with a sketch of basalt-made tesla

We are very impatient to finally see Larte Design Tesla Model S when it debuts tomorrow at the Top Marques Monaco. The reason for this is that we have just received a sketch of the car, which looks breath-taking. The other reason is that this Model S will have a body work made from basalt fibers, w

lava-made larte tesla model s to debut in monaco

We are eagerly waiting to see Larte Design’s Tesla Model S, when it debuts at the Top Marques Monaco on 16th of April. The reason for this is that it will have a body work, which is not made from polyurethane or carbon, but from basalt fibers. Well, actually the front and rear aprons will be made of this material and in fact, this contributes for the weight of this kit to be only 13kg. What does basalt fibers precisely mean? First, it means that they are made of material that is produced from volcanic rock, an

larte design invites us to solve the enigma

At the Top Marques Monaco the Russian tuning company Larte Design will reveal its Enigma. We are speaking about the recently teased Tesla Model S which will also be called with the synonym of “riddle”. It is inspired by both Nikola Tesla who still gives rise to many puzzles, and by the car that is the perfect combination of power and eco-friendliness. With this project the tuner aims to give a new vision of the EV. Judging by the teasers it is obvious that this vehicle will pay tribute to the Master of Light

r-zentric is the new

RevoZport has sent us new pictures of their exclusive Tesla Model S P85D fitted with the R-Zentric aerokit. Even without the tuning the car is exceptional and there is no second though on this. Still, the urge to always want more lies hidden in our subconscious. What the tuners have done is to further boost this unique

larte design will electrify your senses at top marques monaco 2015 show

It is a known fact that throughout the years Larte Design has established itself as the tuner that significantly improves the stance and looks of different cars. Drawing some of the most compelling designs, the company becomes an artistic symbol of automotive passion, individuality, self – exp

tesla enters dual motor model s all wheel drive in porduction [video]

Tesla announced that the Model S is getting a Dual Motor All Wheel Drive version, which has already entered production. Unlike conventional AWD vehicles that sacrifice fuel efficiency for increased traction, the Dual Motor Model S AWD delivers superior control and in the same time it improves both

bad news for tesla: gas prices are falling

At the heart of Tesla Model S is a proven powertrain which delivers great range and a thrilling driving experience. The car offers many battery options that set the benchmark for electric driving range. All of them use automotive-grade lithium-ion cells arranged for optimal energy density, thermal management and safety. The vehicle has a rigid body structure, nearly 50/50 weight distribution and a remarkably low center of gravity. This means that it offers responsiveness and agility nearly as a sports car. And all