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Ariel News

Rezvani Motors Shows First Image of Beast’s Interior

When I first saw the image above, I thought that this is some sort of cheap game construction for games like the Need for Speed or (the future) Mad Max. Then I spotted the huge amo

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Radical Reveals 440 hp SR8 RSX Race & Track Car

Radical SR8 RSX Race and Track car is company’s new flagship racing vehicle. Note that it offers an experience closer to LMP competition. It utilizes the newest technology just l

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Dubai Roadster Is The First Emirati-Built Supercar

Dubai Roadster is the first first Emirati-built supercar and in fact it is in its early stages of production. However, this fact does not stop the potential buyers that are already

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2014 Ariel Atom 3.5R - Price

Ariel Motor Company has finally unveiled the new Atom 3.5R Special Edition coming with epic performance specs and price, of course. It is tagged at £80,000 (around €97,500), which is quite a lot considering that the car is nothing more than a track toy. Ariel Atom 3.5R is powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine with 350HP (261 kW) at

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Top Gear Test Track Summed Up

Diehard Top Gear fans remember the times when the power lap board was pretty clean and simple – the Pegani Zonda C12 S took the lead right from the start and dominated the Top Gear Test track for 3 whole seasons. As the episodes rolled however, things sort of got out of hand and it became very hard to follow which is what and when. Recently we st

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Ariel Atom - Primitive Pure Fun

Having fun on four wheels these days is easy, right? Indeed, there is a lot of power out there to play with. However, “with great power comes great responsibility”... is what many car manufacturers have in mind now. That is why today we have speed limiters, brake assist, lane departure warnings, ABS, ESC, TCS, xDrive, and many, many more abbrev

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Wimmer RS, the Germany-based tuning specialist has exclusively boosted the performance of the Ariel Atom 3, one of the hottest, wild experience, adrenaline pumping rides on the nowadays market. With only 469 kg total weight, no doors and no luxury, the Wimmer’s enhanced enthusiasts ride now tops the incredible 340 horsepower and 282 Nm of maximum

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