Dubai Roadster is the first first Emirati-built supercar and in fact it is in its early stages of production. However, this fact does not stop the potential buyers that are already making orders. The majority of the future buyers come from Emirati. The vehicle will be available for sale in the beginning of next year at the Dubai Motor Show. The production plan so far is twenty-five examples and it literally begins from scratch.Some of the characteristics revealed so far about the Dubai Roadster are that it will have a tubular chassis, which will be combined with fibreglass and carbon-fibre panels. In addition, it will be driven by a 400 horsepower (294 kW) engine, and will effortlessly sprint from 0 to 100 kmh in 3.5 seconds.Furthermore, the supercar will undergo full crash testing. The team behind the creation of this car hopes that it will qualify for Euro 5 certification. This means that it will be legal to drive in the Emirates, or in other words - it will be a road car too.In the process of creating the car, the team decided to change the planned material for the chassis from aluminium to titanium. The latter is more expensive material but definitely stronger and in addition – lighter and more durable.By far, the engineers have completed initial welds on the vehicle, and have already sent them for testing in the US. These tests will guarantee that the welds will hold up under high speeds and pressures. After the tests are complete, they will ensure that the Roadster have a safety certification. The plan for the next two months is to make a fully welded chassis in Dubai.