2021 Alvis Car CompanyThe first post-war Continuation Series model, the 3.0-liter Graber Super Coupe from Alvis Car Company, has been finished. After a 24-month construction process, the project is finally finished. The brand-new Graber, exclusively designed for the Japanese auditory, represents a milestone for the company, which has already planned to ship at least five units to customers via Meiji Sangyo, Alvis' Japanese distributor.

As it comes to the vehicle, Graber Super Coupe is one of only six models that Alvis offers. Each model is created with exclusive specs and features neat utilities as air conditioning.

Furthermore, all six have been developed from original drawings and come with an exclusive six-in-line 3-litre or 4.3-litre power units. Also, the vehicle draws on the new old stocks of chassis and engine blocks, carefully stored by Alvis since Coventry factory closed back I 1967.

Because of the addition of fuel injection, a higher compression ratio (9.5:1) and modern digital machining processes resulting in tighter tolerances, the engine produces 172bhp, up 42bhp from the 1960s' version. Torque also rises to 209 ft / lbs @ 3750 rpm and it can achieve a 0-60 time of 8.9 seconds.

Seeing the Graber Super Coupé leave the works at Kenilworth for the first time was a huge moment for all of us at The Alvis Car Company, says managing director Alan Stote, so much hard work has gone into producing it by our staff over the past two years, that it's almost sad to see it leave.

The all-aluminium bodywork looks stunning up close, the engine runs faultlessly and the handcrafted interior is both comfortable and stylish. As a complete package, this Graber serves as a reminder that our manufacturing processes, which haven't changed at Alvis since the early 20th century, still produce a product of the highest quality. And unlike so many continuation cars, we have ensured this can be enjoyed on the road.