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Dodge News

create your own and real viper right now!

There is good news for customers, fans and dreamers of Dodge brand. The well-known vehicle company released the Dodge Viper GTC Customizer, already available on the web. The Viper GTC Customizer brings the option for everyone to personalize his hand-built supercar. Definitely a tweak, that anyone would like to have along with the car itself. The Dodge Viper GTC Customizer lets anyone create his own virtual version of a Dodge Viper vehicle, through a platform, that delivers wonderful options and incredible online

forza horizon 2 now with furious 7 car pack [video]

Remember when we told you the story behind the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T from Furious 7? Well, the great news for today is that you are actually given the chance to drive it. At least virtually, since the car has made its debut in Forza Horizon 2, the strenuous Xbox One game. The other good news is that it is actually par

here is the story behind 1970 dodge charger r/t from furious 7 [video]

Everyone is talking about “Furious 7” since its official premiere happened this Friday. If you are among the lucky ones who get to make a reservation for a ticket to the outrageous premiere, then you have already enjoyed all those action scenes, beautiful muscle cars and tension involved. Not to mention that this film is actually the last one of the legendary Paul Walker … and this makes everything even more emotional. Especially for tho

dodge equips durango r/t with more nappa

Dodge Durango R/T just looks great. The seven-seater can now show-off with many new equipment features and specifically with those one can find in the interior. Its imposing stance is additionally strengthened by the standard for the 2015 model year 20-inch alloys in high-gloss Granite Crystalfinish. On the road the car will produce no less than 360 horsepower (265 kW), coming from the 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine and the standard eight-speed automatic transmission. The torque is rated at 528 Nm (390 lb.-ft.), giving

special ram 1500 edition celebrates the rangers [video]

Dodge is one of the most popular American brands that has produced the famous 707HP Hellcat. It is also the main manufacturer of all Ram vehicles. The range of the latter has been expanded by the addition of the Ram 1500 Texas Ranger Concept. The truck is a creative result of company’s collaboration with the law-enfo

take a look at this outrageous dodge ram black & red [video]

We have seen this vehicle circulating in the internet for a while, but it has been trading lately so we decided to show it to you once more. And it is definitely worth it because we have rarely seen projects like this and with so beautifully shot video which you can enjoy below (I am sure it will be a big pleasure). As you can see this is a Dodge Ram 3500 and it has been dubbed Black & Red Edition. It is a product created by Alex Vega –

ram releases two 1500 sport crew cab 4x4 trims

Two new Sport trim models are going to enhance the lineup of Ram’s 1500 4x4 Crew Cab vehicles, and these are the Ignition Orange Sport and the Black Sport. Both buzz models will have a limited production run of only 1000 units each, making them even more desirable. And it is really worth it, because these trims deliver more individuality than ever before. Take for example the Orange Sport. It will ignite any customer with its special appearance in the exuberating limited edition bright orange paint color contr

dodge challenger hellcat arrives in europe

Furious 7’, is showed here with some stylish tweaks which need some attention and can be seen in the gallery below. An interesting fact, that is not so popular, is that the Hellcat 6.2-litre V8 unit under the hood of this Dodge is actually based on the larger displacement 6.4-litre, 492 hp engine. The latter we have seen powering the Challenger SRT 392. The difference here is that the first one includes a twin-screw supercharger, while the second is naturally-aspirated. There is therefore no question where

see dodge challenger in 'furious 7' [video]

It is not “Fast and Furious” without a Dodge! Since the awaited premiere of 'Furious 7' happens on 3th of April, everyone is getting really exciting. This time Dodge will participate in the movie with three exceptional vehicles: 2015 Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger R/T and an 'armored' Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The first one is candy red (literally) and will be driven by ladies favorite Dom Toretto, played by the actor Vin Diesel, who will drive it through various chasing scenes. And we sincerely hope that the c

dodge returns the shaker to the challenger lineup

Dodge is shaking the muscle car scene because it has opened the orders for the new Challenger Shaker models. With this step the company is celebrating the 45 years of the functional “cold-air grabbing” hood scoop that “shakes” with the legendary HEMI V-8 engine’s movement. The models in the range are three: 2

psychodelic dodge viper gtc revealed at 2015 chicago auto show

Dodge displayed a uniquely-designed Viper GTC this week at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. The car is super-customizable… and expensive too. Introduced with multi-color paintwork, this automobile shows explicit psychedelic character that discloses different hues on each side. Some time ago Dodge presented its Viper GTC which, again, managed to strike people with unmatched exclusivity. Why? Because if promised to offer no less than 8,000 ext

racing cowboys tell us which is

Put six luxury sedans to the test in a three round racing competition in two different states. Although each vehicle has its strengths, only one should be announced “The Fastest Sedan” in the world! And undoubtedly, when one thinks of the world's fastest car, he or she does not imagine luxury sedans. At the same time these beautiful machines run with more and more horsepower nowadays. This is the reason why Racing Cowboys were tempted to p

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