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Toyota News

toyota shows revisited corolla range and 86 sports car for the first time 

So these are the restyled 2017 Corolla iM hatch and 86 sports car. Toyota also made revisions on the Corolla lineup, but there are no pictures to show. Anyway, you can see the similarity between the Scion FR-S and the 86 and this is because the recently “closed” Scion brand, has entirely transitioned to the Toyota. If this is nothing new to you, then you’ll see that the cars are identical. Well, almost. 2017 Toyota 86 There are some a

yaris orange edition: necessary or unneeded summer toy?

Yaris, one of Toyota's most popular models received a summer refresh. The Orange Edition will be recognized by the new orange (you don't say!) metallic body finish and some noticeable and other not so noticeable tweaks made on the outside and the inside of the vehicle. The bright exterior coloring completely matches

toyota improves the 86 sports car based on victories at nürburgring

Toyota 86 is made better through racing experience So, this is the new old face of the popular 86 sports car. Toyota has just announced that it has made significant changes to the model, by applying the feedback from extensive racetrack experience. And this includes the data obtained from class victories at the famous 24 Hours of Nürburgring. To say it otherwise, the 86 facelift is the result of a lot of racing enjoinment for the testers, w

manga-inspired toyota gt86 initial d concept pays tribute to the mid-80s ae86 corolla

Car from Initial D manga comics is the inspiration for the GT86 concept If you are into manga, then you have probably heard of the Initial D: cult Japanese comics, where the young hero, Takumi Fujiwara, drove a modified AE86. He honed his driving skills on mountain roads as delivery driver for his father’s tofu shop. As you can expect, the car immediately became a star, influencing the emerging drifting scene and inspiring a live action

australian engineers pushed toyota's land cruiser to its limits. check out what happened!

Toyota's engineers decided to put to the test the upcoming LandCruiser 70 series upgrade. The team decided to go for a rather long walk: more than 100,000 kilometers of driving in different harsh conditions around the country. Furthermore, about 70 per cent of the tests and experiments were made in off-road conditions that included corrugated dirt roads and rugged cattle properties with severe washouts. And the results? Well, they show that

toyota reveals first images and details about c-hr’s interior

Toyota applies new "sensual tech" design philosophy for the first time Toyota C-HR remains remarkably true to the concept car that it is based on. Revealed back in 2015, the experimental SUV attracted widespread public acclaim at motor shows in Paris and Frankfurt. It is therefore no surprise that Toyota streamed the C-HR into a production variant. Now you can take a look at the emotional interior design it has as the Japanese brand is relea

vans vs suvs: a battle for convenience and comfort. on which side are you?

Becoming more and more popular, SUVs are known for their sporty elegance, cutting edge technologies and versatile spirit. On the other hand, the good ol' minivans remain favorite for all these who seek vast amount of space in exchange for some needless features. So, who should go for a minivan and who should go for a SUV? Let's check out! Recently, we have witnessed the unveiling of some neat minivans, such as Toyota's Sienna and Honda's Od

corolla celebrates its 50th anniversary with a rather special race! how cool is that?

Race events become more and more interesting. And here comes one more interesting event: the Great Race. This is a long-distance endurance competition for vintage vehicles. It will start in Northern California and end in Moline. And there is one more interesting thing: Toyota's participation is part of the Corolla's 50th anniversary celebration! Needless to say, the racing team will be using a Corolla model. A rather special one. This iconic f

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