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Toyota News

this toyota sienna r-tuned concept outpaces the camaro ss?

Believe it or not, this Toyota Sienna R-Tuned Concept equipped with its stock engine and transmission can outpace the powerful Camaro SS. The minivan was specifically modified for the SEMA Show in order to attract the public with its almost unbelievable capabilities. But who needs to turn a Sienna minivan into a perfor

toyota back to the future mirai concept or who brought the outdated gullwings back?

Toyota Back to the Future Mirai is one of the cars exhibited at Toyota’s booth at the SEMA Show this week. Surprisingly enough, the car is called “Back to the Future” as a part of the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy, and this obviously equals removing the four doors and adding gullwings. Considering they are definitely out of date, as modern and cool as they might look to some, this car (in my opinion) will never see anything b

toyota demonstrated its achievements at the 2015 tokyo motor show

The ever-seeking for perfection Toyota team recently renewed its passion and sense of beauty and technology with the numerous new stock and concept vehicles released. And when it comes to unique conceptual rides, Toyota is second to none. At the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the well-known manufacturer demonstrated some of its most notable vehicles. Among them was the S-FR sport concept and the next-gen Prius Hybrid: both machines demonstrate passion fo

the all-seeing toyota sahara is here to enhance your driving experience

Toyota has released a special and unusual "all-seeing" LandCruiser 200  Series Sahara. What makes it special, compared to its stock brothers is indeed the incorporated camera applications that make it easier to perform manoeuvres from off-road to parking situations. Good thing is that drivers now can obtain a panoramic view around the Sahara via four cameras, geared in front, on the back and on the side mirrors. In fact, the front camera can rot

toyota celebrates a special anniversary with a special concept

Toyota celebrates October 21, 2015. As you might know, this is the date that first introduced Back to the Future Part II with the recreation of Marty McFly's dream car. And now, by using the 2016 Toyota Tacoma that was recently unveiled and went on sale in September, fans in Los Angeles, New York and Dallas will have the chance to see the truck in major tourist destinations. And ensuring that 2016 Tacoma will looks like a modern-day versio

2015 toyota fortuner: modern, flexible and powerful

Toyota's latest seven-seater, the Fortuner comes with sweet SUV comfort and style, while at the same time provides incredible off-road performance. The Fortuner comes with rugged frame, high-torque engine and special fine-tuned suspension that altogether contribute to that wonderful off-road capabilities, pleasurable r

small in size, big in capabilities: 2016 toyota prius is here!

2016 Toyota Prius is one of the smallest hybrid vehicle in Toyota's whole lineup, but it definitely has a lot to demonstrate. For example, the latest 2016 Toyota Safety Sense-C system which gives incredible advantage over other models in the segment. The compact sweetie also offers incredibly clean ride, making it a friend to the environment. Toyota paid even more attention to the latest Prius model, as it released the Persona Series Special E

it looks like crown's lineup is sort of special for toyota

Toyota team decided to add even more features to the exclusive Crown model that is Japan-only offered. This model was restyled and fine-tuned some years ago and now had its latest facelift. But it looks like Toyota engineers haven't had enough. The most recent additions will be available with Athlete, Royal and Majesta


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