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Toyota News

2016 corolla hybrid is here. along with its long nose.

Usually Toyota combines this well-known appearance with brand's dominant hybrid technology and launches a specific model. This time the new chosen one is the Corolla that is expected to offer better fuel economy, sharper handling and overall acceptable quality:price ratio. So, let's see what did Toyota do good and what

neat improvements and elegant additions: 2016 toyota aurion sportivo has a lot to demonstrate!

Toyota team expands the appeal of the V6 Aurion range with tons of premium features and goodies. So, let's waste no time and see what the sweeties have to offer. First of all, the Aurion Sportivo's standard equipment will  include convenience of satellite navigation with real-time traffic updates, premium 10-speaker JBL audio system, digital DAB+ radio, Toyota Link connectivity, seven-inch touch screen monitor. All of these goodies will be op

refreshment accepted: 2016 toyota camry lineup and its new features are here!

Toyota updates its Camry lineup with tons of new standard features. The already impressive vehicles will now benefit from special satellite navigation system and expanded Toyota Link mobility system, both controlled via a large seven-inch touch screen. Also, there are some neat cosmetic changes: the lovely Atara SX now proudly demonstrates stylish 18-inch alloys, distinctive red inserts, lower edge of the front grille and rear-bumper diffuser. Co

x-men: apocalypse is here and so are the cars of your favorite characters! check them out!

The “X-Men: Apocalypse” is probably one of the most awaited superhero movies this year and we are all hoping it is not a huge disappointment like “Batman vs. Superman”. The premiere of blockbuster-to-be movie is happening now and the hype is extremely huge. This was probably the reason for the appearance of these interesting renderings, which show what car models would the superheroes of X-Men drive. We would love to know your opinion ab

toyota team refines the 2016 prius+. here are some details

Toyota makes some changes to the Prius+. They aim to improve the overall quality of driving and deliver even more refined driving experience. The ground-braking C-segment MVP has undergone some serious revisions and improvements to its continuously variable gearbox and the acceleration. So, let's check out more! As

2007 tundra with a run of 1million miles: even toyota engineers are amazed!

Toyota customer Victor Sheppard was so happy with his Toyota Tundra that after he successfully drove 1 million miles, the still uses this vehicle as his main one. So, when Toyota team saw the already veteran truck, they asked: What is a Toyota Tundra with more than a million miles worth? The million-mile Tundra is a 2007 model and was one of the first that was assembled exclusively at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas in San Antonio. Since

car buying made easier: top tips and tricks when looking for used automobile

The sale of used car is one of the most important topics when you can not afford buying brand new vehicle. There are always a lot of options and you always look for the best advice when it comes to making the big decision. Important information is at hand when it comes to the safety and risks in used car buying, which is sometimes tricky. Before the Search Starts However, there are several milestones that can make your life easier. And this is

farewell: toyota to end production of fj cruiser in august 

Unfortunately it is true that Toyota FJ Cruiser is going to end its production in August this year. So, this literally means that there will be one last chance for those wishing to buy this amazing vehicle. The retro-inspired off-roader was actually released in Australia five years ago. Since then from the model have been sold in more than 11,000 units. The real inspiration behind the FJ Cruiser is the famed FJ40: a basic, capable and affordable

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