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Toyota News

toyota announces new upgrade pack for 2018 c-hr suv

Toyota’s sexy C-HR has been around since its launch back in 2016 and for over two years the vehicle has become brand’s most popular and one of three best-selling Toyota cars. And although the brand celebrates the success of the project, no one would leave the C-HR just like that. And this is why Toyota presents a n

toyota presents its latest limousine for the last 20 years

For the first time in more than 20 years, Toyota has decided to present us a limousine – it is called Century and features numerous cool features that we are eager to show you. The vehicle comes with contemporary styling, refined drivetrain system and many utility and comfort goodies. Since the first reveal of the

toyota reveals gt 86 blue edition model

Toyota reveals GT86 Blue Edition – it is part of the so-called Club Series and focuses on styling and performance. Also, the design team has decided to gear this bad boy with numerous exclusive components and offer some exterior goodies that would be available only for this particular model. So, let’s check it out! The first notable feature of the new Blue Edition is the color – Electric Blue (you don’t say!) is dominating the whole body, while small black components are painted in glossy black finish

toyota and arctic trucks reveal a rather special hilux model

Toyota and Arctic Trucks will continue the partnership and mutual collaboration with the presentation of the Arctic Trucks Toyota Hilux AT35 at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham. The debut has also marked one more important moment – Hilux celebrated its 50th anniversary. The AT35 is already available for private and commercial customers and would continue to impress enthusiasts with its achievements and capabilit

toyota presents sportier and more agile corolla hybrid

Toyota presents next-gen Corolla hatch with additional drivetrain upgrades and sportier overall performance. Thanks to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol unit, the vehicle is capable of producing a total of 125kW and peak torque of 200Nm. Sweet. Furthermore, this power unit is mated to an intelligent manual gearbox

toyota marks hilux anniversary with new models

Hilux marks its 50th birthday and Toyota team decided to celebrate the occasion with showcasing two new versions of the legendary pickup. Both machines were announced at the Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham today and as it seems, the one will be a top-range model, named Invincible X, while the second is a limited edition that would feature merely 150 units. The first one, the Invincible X stands out from the rest of the lineup with its new grille with glossy inserts and revised chrome frame. Additionally, t

toyota has revealed the new rav4 hybrid: is it any good?

Toyota RAV4 has made its global debut at the New York International Auto Show and since this glorious day the brand has confidently secured its positions as one of the leader in new technologies and engineering solutions. And it is no wonder why such a machine has caught the eye of both enthusiasts and sceptics: RAV4 c

here's how toyota's new global architecture affects the contemporary vehicles

Rarely we do see a family-friendly vehicle that delivers both comfort and agility without compromising styling and power. In fact, the new Toyota Auris tries to be all of that: functional, agile, powerful and comfortable at the same time. And given that it comes with that thing, called Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) we are eager to give this handy machine a chance. In fact, this is the third model that adopts the TNGA technology after P

toyota teases picture of the new corolla machine. details here.

Toyota about to unveil the latest generation Corolla. As we all know, this is one of the best-selling models and definitely one of brand’s most popular. The global debut will be accompanied by an exhaustive review and showcase of vehicle’s features and capabilities. In fact, at the Geneva Show Toyota team would also present a new racing concept machine that would mark brand’s return to the world of motorsport. Driven by “mobility for a

toyota reveals aygo: the agile city vehicle that caught our eye!

The new Aygo was just announced and all Toyota fans and enthusiasts await the unveiling on the 6th of March. The popular city car stands out from the crowd thanks to its beautiful design and numerous advanced technological features. Of course, buyers are also attracted to the machine because of the extended list of customizable options. Not many vehicles offer such a wide range of stuff for the money.So, let’s check out this bad boy in details,

so, are these cheap foam guns really worth it? check this video out!

There are numerous ways of cleaning your vehicle - from the good ol' hand-based action to more advanced and contemporary ways, which include strange machines and devices. Of course, all of these include their fans and skeptics. Also, it is a common theme that many of us seek these less involving and kind of lazy, but still effective ways of shining up your vehicle. One relatively popular method is by using a foam gun. It ensures a rather fun w

toyota land cruiser continues on with a great legacy

The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser is still one of the top choices in off-road vehicles in the country. It is an impressive blend of four-wheel outdoor rough and ready with the elegance of a well mannered and quite civilized city dweller. It’s been around for over 60 years and is one of the most respected names in off