2012 KIA Cee'd is going to make a major come back at this years Geneva Motor Show. The all new version of the vehicle now has even more elegance and is expecting to achieve great success. It offers a combination of dynamism, sophisticated styling. The all new 2012 Kia Cee'd five-door hatchback is longer, wider and lower than its predecessor. However, it retains the same long wheelbase.  The elegant coupe-like proportions are emphasised by a steeply raked A-pillar, a very low belt-line in the front and lengthened side windows. The front part of the exterior represents the latest interpretation of Kia's trademark - the ‘tiger-nose' grille and aggressive, wraparound headlamp clusters housing signature LED daytime running lights.

Next, when looked from the side the vehicle impresses with its wide track and solid stance. At the same time the strongly sculpted door surfaces, the steeply raked A-pillar, sweeping roofline and integral rear spoiler emphasize the sporting aesthetics of the cars generous glasshouse. Moreover the entire exterior is improved by numerous small yet highly significant detail touché. They add to the prestige and premium feel of the new Kia Cee'd. In details, they include new sophisticated Kia badge, the indicator blade protrusion in the front headlamps, the Kia-signature windscreen head castellations, the chrome side glazing surround and the cee'd-unique, aerodynamic shaping of the tail lamp which extends into the bodywork.

[caption id="attachment_41419" align="alignnone" width="644" caption="2012 KIA Cee'd"]2012 KIA Cee'd

The interior of course, has been completely remade. It now offers more premium look and feel, higher quality, improved switchgear, touch-screen technology and enhanced driving position ergonomics. In particular, the dashboard layout features a cockpit-like design with an aircraft-themed, driver-oriented frontal look.  In addition, the main control panel wraps around the steering wheel, placing all switchgear within easy reach of the driver, and the main control groups such as audio and air-conditioning have been segregated to bring a more premium, luxurious, big car feel to the interior.

Soft touch high quality materials were used in the creation of the interior, and they add a new tactility to the driving environment.  Instruments and switchgear are picked out in very thin chrome, the door handles are built up in a layered sandwich of high quality materials and the door opener itself has a sculpted, one-piece, shell-like quality.

[caption id="attachment_41420" align="alignnone" width="644" caption="2012 KIA Cee'd Interior"]2012 KIA Cee'd Interior

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