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Privacy Policy

Automobilesreview.com collects some personal data from its visitors, in order to provide them with the best service possible.

1. Information collected from visitors by Automobilesreview.com:

2. Cookies utilization

Automobilesreview.com collects cookies from your computer, as part of our continuous effort to understand the preferences of our audience and, at the same time, be helpful to our advertisers by supplying them with information about the way the site is used.

Please note that:

3. Use of information collected from you

The information we collect from you is primarily used to personalize and enhance your attendance on Automobilesreview.com, as well as occasionally alert you of site changes, which may be relevant to your use of the site. Last but not least, we may use the information you have provided us with, or allow its use to third parties, in order to inform you about products or services, which we consider to be potentially useful to you. You can stop this at will by using the ‘unsubscribe’ function in the electronic mails you receive from us or third parties.

4. Use of information collected from you about other individuals

Automobilesreview.com contains sections where you may enter information about other individuals. We are only going to use this information for the purposes, which it was submitted. I.e., if you completed a form to recommend our website to a friend, they will only receive your recommendation to visit our site.

5. Message boards and other visitor-generated content

Automobilesreview.com gives its visitors the opportunity to publish content in certain sections, such as message boards. This content is publicly available and subject to the site’s policy listed in the ‘User Content’ part of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section, which is available here.

6. Information Storage

Automobilesreview.com has taken all necessary technical and ethical precautions to grant that personal information submitted on the website is stored securely and treated according to the parameters present in this Privacy Policy.

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