DEZENT announced that their new alloy wheels with two surface variants are already available. By treating Mercedes-Benz model in a really good way with the new dark alloy wheels, the company actually manages to perfectly fit the very attractive design of their creation to the nature of the sedan. Doing this, the team of experts extracts the best of the car's character and serves it to the public eye to review the final outcome.

With an extra pinch of genius thought, craftsmanship and special geometry, the new DEZENT alloys mix a matt-black body with a polished front which successfully crafts out a metaphorical tension between different surface levels. The TG dark version has wide, dark cavities at the struts' centre which create the illusion of existing double spokes. This black wheels appear to be very sporty and comprehensive. Such characteristics turn them into the best possible "partner" for the dynamic presence of the Mercedes-Benz C-class.

Additionally, the TG and TG dark are obvious examples of a technical and well-implemented skillfulness. Both surface types are well prepared for tyre pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS). What is more, for the most common sizes (A-, B-, C-, E-Class, CLA) they are ECE-approved.

DEZENT TG dark with ECE Specifics:

Dimensions: 6.5x16, 7.5x16, 7.0x17, 7.5x17, 8.0x17, 7.5x18 and 8.5x18 inch Construction: cast, single-piece, 5 holes Finish: matt black, polished front ECE: Mercedes A-, B-, C-, E-Class and CLA Load: up to zu 790 kg TPMS: fit for TPMS, 100 % compatible with ALCAR T-ProSensor Guarantee: 3 years

Source: DEZENT