2021 mountune Ford Focus STThe owners of hot hatch vehicles can finally realize the full potential of their mk4 Ford Focus ST with the latest and advanced upgrade kit from mountune- the m365. The kit increases the performance and power,  as well as enhancing the handling capabilities and at the same time does not compromise the everyday usability of the vehicle.

All the components within the pack have undergone a rigorous testing and development process and contribute to a higher-power output final result of 365hp and 560Nm of torque, which is a significant kick of 85hp and 140Nm over the standard numbers.

This result was made possible thanks to the highly-acclaimed Bluetooth OBD dongle and the SMARTflash app that can run on any smart device. In terms of tech gadgets, the upgrade pack features a high-flow panel air filter, a 3-inch high-flow downpipe with sporty catalyst, and a new Sport GPF, which dramatically reduces exhaust gas back-pressure.

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We are delighted to launch our latest upgrade kit for the much-loved mk4 Focus ST. Ford has done a great job with the stock ST and what we have done with this m365 upgrade kit is to fully optimize the calibration with our newly engineered low-back pressure exhaust hardware – this means maximum performance is available throughout the rev-range and it's now a seriously fast car, which is also great fun to drive, too. David Mountain, Managing Director, mountune.