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JMS News

jms releases tuning kit for volkswagen passat

JMS Volkswagen Passat 3C B8 is this week’s suggestion by the talented German tuners. After we have seen the exquisite BMW 5-Series Facelift, it is now time to take a look at the makeover of another German-made legend: the Passat. The work here is very similar to the one done to the BMW, so if you want to remind yourself what the tuner has revealed last week or to just make a comparison, please click the link below. SEE ALSO: Simple but Charming: Meet JMS BMW 5-Series Facelift  Tuning Program for the Newest P

simple but charming: meet jms bmw 5-series facelift

JMS Fahrzeugteile BMW 5-Series Facelift is an example how sometimes tiny changes can make a “big deal”. Not everybody, including me, like pompous tunings or modifications. In fact, if there are people who think like I do, then they will find that some conversions are even equal to unnecessary spent money. But it de

jms bmw 4-series coupe

JMS has unveiled their latest tuning program for BMW 4-Series including Coupe, Convertible and GranCoupe models. The tuning specialists have prepared styling upgrades giving to the stylish BMW models even more aggressive appearance. There are also some performance tweaks as well. The exterior boasts a new front lip spoiler and a set of 19” Tomason TN 12 alloy wheels fitted with ultra-low profile tires. JMS fitted the 4-Series Coupe with an adjustable KW coilover suspension lowering the

2014 volkswagen golf vii gti by caractere and jms

Caractere Automobile and JMS has teamed up to prepare a special tuning program for Volkswagen Golf GTI and GTD models. Both come with a number of styling upgrades, but there is no information about performance packages. The exterior of 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI/GTD can be modified with a new lip spoiler with a built-in diffuser and air intake covers. It can be easily fitted to the standard front bumper with mounting materials. The price is €589. There is also a new pair of side skirts for another €420 as

jms 2013 mercedes-benz a-class

JMS Tuning has unveiled their latest project based on the 2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class W176. The German styling specialists fitted the hatchback with a lot of new elements and soon a performance kit will be available. Outside, the tuned A-Class comes with a more aggressive front bumper with a new splitter, new side air intakes and a pair of new side skirts. The new front bumper is priced at just €289 and can be installed directly without any modifications. There is also a set of new wheel

piecha design and jms introduce upgrade for mercedes-benz e-class w212

A joint project between Piecha Design and JMS results in this Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It's called the “E-Class GT-R” and it's base is the pre-facelift W212 models. What we have at hand here is a kit that comprises of a front piece with very design-specific “flicks” which accentuate the LED daytime running lights. Then there are the side skirts which are even compatible with the E63 AMG model. Last but not least: a Piecha rear port diffu

jms tune up for mercedes-benz w176

Seen enough of JMS's minimalistic approach to aftermarket customization? Well, too bad. Here's a Mercedes-Benz W176 – or, in other words, the latest A-Class – with a slight visual upgrade. JMS are calling it a kit but we are not so sure about that. It's just one piece really. A front lip spoiler with an “integrated central diffuser”. You can bolt and glue that thing on the stock bumper A-Class for just 289 Euros ($394). Oh, and it doesn't fit the AMG variants. Will you gain somethi

jms upgrades for the common volkswagen golf vii

Those of you that are stuck with a Golf VII that's not a GTI or an R will be pleased to know that JMS has this small enhancement pack which might bridge the commons with the performers. Maybe. It certainly doesn't sound glamarous. The pack employs a frontlip spoiler “with an integrated diffuser” that is supposed to be screwed and glued on the stock bumper – quite DIY if you as us. There's also a color-coded diffuser at the back, which again – we suspect – has to be bolted onto the stock rear. There

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