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Welcome to the daily automotive news source - Automobiles Review. Offering a daily updated database of car pictures and news, here you will find everything: from luxury cars to modified vehicles.

O.CT News

Chevrolet Camaro a.k.a Yellow Steam Hammer by O.CT-Tuning

O.CT-Tuning do not like to beat around the bush. That's what evident by this example – it's a Chevrolet Camaro (The Yellow Steam Hummer, they've called it) that has no obvious si

Post by Tsvetan Varbanov on 07 May 2012

O.CT Audi R8 4.2 V8

O.CT Tuning has introduced a reworked version of the R8 4.2i V8. The car boasts more power and better styling. O.CT Tuning GmbH has installed a compressor kit to the 4.2 liter V8 with 434PS (319 kW) and 430Nm (317 lb-ft). The kit includes: the „Black Compressor“ with CNC mastered aluminum holding system, tension pulley made by Good Year, cus

Post by Victor Ivanov on 13 July 2011