Recently, 2010 Abarth 500C has just gone on sale in the UK. The small car combines excellent sporty performance and wind-in-the-hair. Furthermore, it is extremely well-equipped for its size and price.

Abarth 500C offers innovations unseen in any other car of its size. It features Abarth Competizione gearbox, which is developed specifically by company engineers. The Manual Transmission Automated (MTA) allows drivers to change gear using paddles mounted behind the steering wheel or just to push a button on the dashboard console, turning the five-speed unit into a full automatic.

The power unit is the same used on the Abarth 500 hatchback model. Furthermore, the company reprogrammed the ECU, so there are another additional 5hp. The 1.4 liter turbo engine now delivers 140hp and 206Nm of torque and gives a top speed of 128mph, while 0 to 62mph acceleration is dispatched in 8.1 seconds. Of course, the small car complies EU5 standards and emitts just 151g/km of CO2.

Like every other sports car – 500C has a Sport button, which makes the gear changes fastly, engine responses are sharpened, and the electric Dualdrive steering weights up. At the press of a button, drivers can also select TTC (Torque Transfer Control).

The safety in Abarth 500C is at high level, too. It includes seven airbags and a number of systems - Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) and ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD).

The equipment can satisfy even the most demanding clients. It features a choice of 16 and 17-inch wheels and a wide choice of colours and trim, including new bi-colour paint work.

A sporty thick-rimmed flat-bottomed, leather steering wheel, electric front windows and door mirrors, air conditioning, and height adjustable driver's seat and steering wheel come as standard. There are figure-hugging high back sports seats and a radio/CD/MP3 player with steering wheel controls.

The Blue&Me hands-free communication system is also standard. And as an option, Blue&Me MAP can be ordered.

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