Mercedes-Benz introduces the next electric car built in series-production conditions – A-class E-CELL, which follows B-Class F-CELL.

A-Class E-CELL is a five-seater with battery-powered electric drive featuring large interior space and luggage compartment for maximum versatility. The batteries are stored in superb-protected and space-saving way in the vehicle's underbase.

The estimated range is of A-Class E-CELL is 124 miles. The emission-free electric drive delivers maximum output of 95hp and 290Nm of torque. There will be built 500 units at Rastatt from autumn 2010. The cars will be sold to a selected customers in several European countries like Germany, France and Netherlands.

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Safety Concept:

  • All cables are clearly colour-coded, and safety warnings are placed on high-voltage components.
  • Generously dimensioned insulators and special plugs provide full contact protection for the entire system.
  • An electronic controller continuously monitors safety requirements and immediately alerts the driver to any malfunctions in the high-voltage system.
  • All high-voltage components are connected in an electric loop. This means that the high-voltage system is automatically completely disconnected in the event of a malfunction or an accident.
  • The high-voltage system is also automatically completely disconnected when the ignition switch is placed in the "off" position, or in the event of possible faults.
  • The system is continuously monitored for short circuits.
  • An automatic drive disabler activated when the charging cable is connected prevents any possibility of the car being driven off by mistake.


Drive system Electric drive, lithium-ion battery
Continuous power rating (hp) 68
Peak power (boost) (hp) 95
Rated torque (Nm) 290
Maximum speed (mph) 93
Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph (s) 14
Acceleration from 0 to 37 mph (s) 5,5
Charging time for 100 km range (NEDC) 8 h from domestic mains socket (230 V)3 h from wall-box / public charging point (400 V)
Range (miles) NEDC >124
Energy capacity of lithium-ion battery system (kWh) 36
Payload (kg) *) As per EG directive, including driver (68 kg) and luggage (7 kg) 350*)
Luggage compartment volume (l) 435 - 1.370