At the upcoming Beijing Motor Show in April, Porsche will premiere two new entry-level versions of its Porsche Panamera Gran Turismo model series dubbed Panamera and Panamera 4. Both versions the Panamera and the Panamera 4 will celebrate its German market launch in May 2010, US market launch is planned for June.

Under the hood of the two newcomers, the engineers at Porsche have mounted an all-new 3.6-litre V6 power unit fitted with Direct Fuel Injection and delivering maximum output of 300 horsepower (220 kW) and peak torque of 400 Nm/295 lb-ft. The Panamera modification transmits its power to the asphalt via the rear wheels, while the Panamera 4 comes standard with active all-wheel drive. Moreover, the new additions benefit from Porsche Double-Clutch Gearbox and Auto Start/Stop system. The fuel consumption for Panamera entry level hits 9.3 litres/100 kilometres (30.4 mpg), and the Panamera 4 drains the tank with 9.6 litres/100 kilometres (29.4 mpg). As an option, Porsche is offering 19-inch all-year tyres with optimised roll resistance, which reduces the consumption figures by another 0.2 litres/100 kilometres, giving the Panamera a CO2 rating of just 213 g/km and the Panamera 4 an equally impressive 220 g/km. Just like its V8 brothers, both new models excel at athleticism and comfort. For even higher level of driving plasure and sporting dynamics, the sports marque offers a steel suspension with variable dampers and an adaptive air suspension with additional air volume.

The base price for the Panamera entry level starts at 75,899 Euro including VAT and national specifications tax, while the Panamera 4 fitted as standard with PDK Gearbox gets price tagged at 84,110 Euro.