Since the first Air Conditioning systems built-in cars were introduced, the haven't been updated so much. Except the more complicated control with dual-zone thermostats or automatic options. Besides the heating and the cooling, the all new Infinity M will offer air flow, odor and humidity controls.

There are many cars, which offer filtering cabin air, but Forest Air system has electronic air purifier, which not only filters odors, but it destroys them.

The other unique option is controlling of humidity in the air. The system can fill up the cabin with ambient-moisture air and to adjust the humidity to the optimum levels.

The other feature of the new Air Conditioning system is moving air around the cabin. "Forest Air" can create a nice breeze, which feels more natural than the usual venting outside of the car.

With the Forest Air System bult-in, the new Infinity M will manage to give the comfort, which passengers need and to release the stress of the driver.

Infiniti Forest Air Conditioning System

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