Land Rover has announced the most powerful Range Rover Sport, yet. The 2015 SVR model is now the fastest SUV on Nurburgring Nordschleife. It is scheduled to hit the market in the beginning of the next year.

2015 Range Rover Sport SVR is powered by the well-known 5.0 liter supercharged V8 engine boosted to 550HP (405 kW). It is able to do a lap around Nurburgring in just 8 minutes and 14 seconds. The record is set with a production-spec Range Rover Sport SVR driven by a test driver.

"The Nürburgring is a benchmark for vehicle development and testing, and cars become stronger, more durable and faster over its 13 miles and 70-plus corners. We wanted to see whether an SUV could behave like a performance car in this challenging environment. The results are spectacular and the Range Rover Sport SVR has demonstrated outstanding on-road performance capabilities.", commented Mike Cross, Chief Engineer Vehicle Integrity.

The Range Rover Sport SVR is developed by Special Operations division established by Jaguar and Land Rover. The sport utility vehicle comes with a complete aerodynamics package, quad exhaust arrangement as well as a high performance brake system and big alloy wheels fitted with performance low-profile tires. However, the SVR still features a two-speed off-road capable transfer case and maintains a 33.5" water wading depth.

Source: Land Rover