2016 Mercedes-Benz G550Mercedes-Benz has been manufacturing the G-Class for more than 35 years. And for more than 35 years the legendary brand has upgraded and updated the off-roader. And the latest Geländewagen model is not an exception. The 2016 G550 comes even more powerful and more determined to rule over the road. Or, in case there is no road ahead, the 2016 G550 will gladly create one. Let us see what this tough guy has to offer.

To be honest, the list with features is as long, as the history of Geländewagen, but the most important change here is the engine. 2016 G550 comes with a revised 4.0-Liter twin-turbo V8, that produces a total of 416 hp (305 kW) and 450 pound-feet of torque. Impressive, right?  There are also upgrades, done to the suspension system. The Benz team has fine-tuned the ESP ASR and ABS systems. Other changes are made on the visuals and style, fresh colors. And of course, Benz team offers different trims, so the 2016 G550 can be customized for every single customer.

But let us get back to the powerplant. The fresh 8-cylider engineer wonder is based on the Mercedes-AMG V8 series, but is further-tweaked, so it will fit perfectly on the G-lineup. Additional features include spontaneous response, that is possible, thanks to the two turbochargers, which are especially designed to fit between the cylinder banks. Engineers created this design in order to achieve optimal response, low emissions and overall energy consumption efficiency. And as usual for the G-class, the latest models deliver the well-known sturdy basis of body frame, that is especially designed for the all-wheel drive, low-range gearbox and overall wonderful experience on off-road tracks.

Additional attention has been given and to the suspension system. It has been revised and brings more control and greater ride comfort. The adapted ESP setup brings even more dynamics and increases the overall confidence and stability of the vehicle. In addition, the G500 has optional adaptive damping system with two available modes: Sport and Comfort.

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Changes have been made and on the exterior and interior . The G350 and G500 will be instantly recognized by the redesigned bumpers and the AMG flared wheel arches. In fact, the G350 comes with 18-inch five-spoke light-alloy wheels. On the other hand, the inside includes a wonderful instrument cluster, 11.4 multimedia display and redesigned pointers.  And as said above, the 2016 lineup comes with additional colors. There are exclusive Color packs, that include Solar Beam, Tomato Red, Alien Green, Sunset Beam and Galactic Beam.

But the goodies do not end here. The 2016 G-Series lineup comes with a special AMG EDITION 463 model. It demonstrates impressive looks, wonderful interior, stainless steel underguard, AMG sport stripes, 21-inch forged wheels. It really is a special model. Just as  the rest of the G-Class. Mercedes-Benz team really demonstrates passion and incredible craftsmanship with the revised G-Series. The latest models are really more muscular, more powerful and more confident. It is a good thing, that Mercedes-Benz brand pushes its own limits and brings vehicles, that are not just a well-known classics, but machines, that are ready for the challenges of today.

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