2019 WCA Event For the sixth consecutive year, the Road to the World Car Awards has made its annual stop in California in November for the "2020 LA Test Drives".

The journey has begun in Frankfurt on September 10, 2019 and follows 86 international automotive journalists who make up the jury panel for the World Car Awards (WCA) as they test-drive and vote for the "Top Three in the World" finalists as well as the overall winners.

This year's event will end at the New York International Auto Show on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 when the winners will be declared during an awards ceremony that officially opens the show.

As you might know, "LA Test Drivers" were hosted by ZF, which gave the participating journalists an idea of the future of autonomous driving from a supplier's perspective. The demonstration included a realistic sense of the costs and timelines involved. Also, according to Aaron Jefferson, Vice President of Product Strategy, ZF Global Electronics, full level of autonomy will be achieved first in commercial applications and defined areas, while the private passenger vehicles will continue the evolution for quite some time.

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The "LA Test Drives" enables WCA's international jurors to evaluate vehicles that may not be available in their home markets on an ideal test bed of American roads from a base in Pasadena. Driving routes include both urban and rural roads, a stretch of multi-lane interstate and section of the iconic Angeles Crest Highway. This mountainous series of switchbacks and turns is a real test for even the most capable vehicles.

Source: World Car Awards