When you want to keep your vehicle safe, without a doubt, a great choice is to locate a GPS tracker so you can keep it under control at all times, even in case of theft. Below are the 3 best car GPS trackers available this year in the market, and everyone can select the one that best suits their requirements.

Xcsource vehicle GPS tracker

Thanks to its excellent performance, this car GPS tracker is one of the best car GPS tracker that has become the best seller in the world, and has achieved excellent reviews from consumers and specialists. This device has excellent performance of car tracking through GPS, GSM, GPRS and SMS networks. In addition to being used in cars, it is also ideal for motorcycles and bicycles thanks to its compact size. Among the most outstanding features of this tracker is the real-time vehicle tracking, automatically showing the exact location and device information, a very favorable aspect of this product is that it is compatible with most mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows phone. You can notify users through emails in case they do not have a mobile device.


Notify of the exact location and vehicle information through a text message, for this you only have to access the Google map queries. Another advantage is that it has a built-in power source and a very wide input range being highly recommended for all types of vehicles. The accuracy of this device is a very striking aspect. It is able to position itself with great accuracy and in a very short time even when the signal is not good. It is also portable, light weight and takes up very little space.

TKSTAR Hidden Vehicles GPS Tracker

The TKSTAR Hidden Vehicles GPS Tracker is known for having a very extensive autonomy. It also has a three-month memory capable of remembering the most common route, and at the same time you can verify that route through a mobile device or smartphone if it is found synchronized with the tracker. The battery of this tracker is very powerful and is capable of operating for approximately 60 days without recharging. One of the most favorable aspects of this device is that it is installed with great ease, no tools are required since the GPS tracker has a powerful magnet to be fixed.


It has a totally free application for Android and iOS operating systems. It serves to keep the user informed about the position of their car at all times. The TKSTAR works with a SIM card and is compatible with a large number of GSM networks. It is good to note that this device is also a motorcycle GPS Tracker to perfect for protecting motorcycles because it is extremely compact and lightweight. It is extremely resistant and waterproof and is made of excellent materials resistant to all types of shocks and accidents.

Spytec STI 2019 Model GL300MA GPS Tracker

This is an excellent easy-to-install car GPS tracker, you just need to put it in its magnetic case and ready place it easily on the bottom of your vehicle and nobody will notice that your car is monitored by satellite, just keep in mind that the case is sold separately. You can track your vehicles from any computer or cell phone using the Spy Tec GPS platform. It allows users to create Geofences to know if your vehicle leaves your garage or has unauthorized movement.

We highlight the Spy Tec GPS platform option, this is very useful since you do not need to send text messages to know the current position, just by entering the application from your phone you can monitor your vehicles in real time. You can use it as a personal GPS tracker, such as put it in your children's backpack and know where they are, or in older people who may suffer from Alzheimer's disease and be able to monitor in case they go out to the store. It comes with an internal battery for up to 2 weeks, which is very good since you will not have to be removing it every day to recharge it.