ABT Sportsline developed an "Individual" programme which is more than just some body kits, engine upgrades and suspension features. This time, the components are designed in a way that make cars more individualized, unique and even extravagant. What is more, the exterior and interior of models that benefit from the tuning package gain exclusive proportions, dynamism and sophistication.

In terms of the exterior, the tuner offers individual body color, special wheel outlines, customized body parts, tailor-made engine performance upgrades and personal lettering on the exhaust pipes. Thanks to the ABT Individual, the interior arrives with leather upholstery which is smooth, back – stitched or suede. It can be found on seats, switches, steering wheels and under roofs. For more personalization, extra design elements, logos and special color combinations can be added too.

Hans-Jürgen Abt, CEO of the globally largest tuner of VW and Audi cars says that; "If you go to ABT Sportsline, you are looking for something special. And for some, even that is not enough. For this very exclusive group of customers we now have tailor-made solutions."

According to the top manager, people who own a top model like Audi S8, RS6 or the new Q7, for example, would really appreciate an additional doze of exceptional individualization. One thing is for sure then: bespoke designs are what make car owners feel special when driving their unmatched vehicles.

ABT Audi RS6-R, 1 of 9
ABT Audi RS6-R, 2 of 9
ABT Audi RS6-R, 3 of 9
ABT Audi RS6-R, 4 of 9
ABT Audi RS6-R, 5 of 9
ABT Audi RS6-R, 6 of 9
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ABT Audi RS6-R, 8 of 9
ABT Audi RS6-R, 9 of 9

ABT Audi RS5-R, 1 of 6
ABT Audi RS5-R, 2 of 6
ABT Audi RS5-R, 3 of 6
ABT Audi RS5-R, 4 of 6
ABT Audi RS5-R, 5 of 6
ABT Audi RS5-R, 6 of 6

Source: ABT