Simultaneously to the Detroit Auto Show Asia's leading trade show in the automobile sector took place from January 9th through 11th: the Tokyo Auto Salon. With over 600 cars being presented and more than 300 exhibitors, the convention is the worldwide biggest of its kind.

Promptly to the beginning of the year ABT Sportsline was able to present two of the main sellers from Bavaria. Together with the Lager Cooperation the leading tuner for cars of the Volkswagen group presented its ABT Touareg together with the ABT AS4. "The participation on the Tokyo Auto Salon represents the significant role the Asian market is playing for ABT Sportsline", says ABT ASIA CEO Wolfgang Kitzeder. "Apart from the economic trend worldwide, ABT Sportsline is going to take the chances the Asian market is giving us for extending our market share", Kitzeder completes.

ABT on the Tokyo Auto Salon 2009