The renowned German specialist ABT Sportsline has unwrapped officially its ultimate ABT R8 GT R race athlete at the 80th edition of Geneva Auto Saloon. Based on the current Audi R8, the exclusive race machine draws inspiration from the true motorsport rides - light-weight body construction and optimal weight distribution. The newly styled race eye-catcher will be manufactured in limited number of only 25 examples Worldwide.

Thanks to its exclusively carbon-rich body construction – bonnet; front and rear aprons; adjustable rear wing; rear outline edge; mirrors; door panels – the race-ready R8 GT R boasts a proud 100 kilograms weight reduction in comparison with its series counterpart. The side windows are made of Makrolon, a high-tech polycarbonate, which not only reduces weight, but also has impressive strength properties.

Inside, the race orientated ride packs Recaro racing seats, 4-point seat belt system, stainless steel roll-over bar with seat belt attachment, hand-held fire extinguisher and special ABT Sports steering wheel made of carbon. Furthermore, the vehicle's adjustable front panel allows sports inserts like: ABT driver overalls, helmet, racing shoes and gloves.

ABT also brings the race note in the power compartment of the stunning Audi. The Bavarians boosts the stock 5.2 FSI engine to a massive 620 horsepower (456 kW) and as a result the light car travels extremely quickly: the top speed is 325 km/h, it does 0-100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds and the GT R reaches the 200km/h mark in a mere 9.9 seconds.

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ABT Audi R8 GT R Geneva (2010) - picture 1 of 2
ABT Audi R8 GT R Geneva (2010) - picture 2 of 2

ABT R8 5.2 GT R Technical Specifications:


  • Engine: 5.2 FSI, V10, 5.204 ccm capacity
  • Performance tuning: ABT Power
  • Performance: 620 HP/456 kW (standard: 525 HP/386 kW)


  • Modified double-wishbone suspension (front- and rear axis)
  • ABT sports suspension (height adjustable)
  • ABT damper (adjustable on traction- and compression phase)
  • ABT ceramic brake system with modified brake covering
  • ABT sports exhaust system (high quality steel)
  • ABT titanium special painting


  • ABT front skirt (weight-optimized, CFK)
  • ABT rear skirt (weight-optimized, CFK)
  • ABT side skirt (weight-optimized)
  • ABT rear wing (weight-optimized, adjustable, CFK)
  • ABT hatchback (weight-optimized, CFK)
  • ABT door lining (weight-optimized, CFK)
  • ABT tearing edge at the rear (C)
  • ABT engine bonnet (weight-optimized, CFK)
  • ABT exterior mirrors (weight-optimized, CFK)
  • ABT front panel (adjustable)


  • Front axis: ABT CR Superlight, 9 x 19 inches, 8,2 kg
  • Rear axis: ABT CR Superlight, 11 x 19 inches, 10,2 kg
  • Pneus: Michelin Sportcup (235/35 ZR 19 or 305/30 ZR 19)


  • ABT rollbar (high-quality steel, incl. belt fixation)
  • ABT sports steering wheel (CFK)
  • Recaro racing seats 4-point-belt system for action on the race track
  • Centre console, switch panel, dashboard, coverings, rear storage area, sky, headlining,B-pillar covering consisting of alcantara
  • Hand fire extinguisher (alloy)


  • Engine cover (CFK)
  • ABT equipment (driver jump suit, helmet, racing shoos, gloves)
  • Professional Onboard video system (chasecam)
  • Expandable data module (video- and data-overlay)