2019-Review-910A review paper is an interesting and important piece of writing. A lot depends on the topic and if it's interesting, you'll be enthusiastic about it. Many students adore writing car reviews. Cars attract both boys and girls. Accordingly, you will like to write such an assignment. Of course, you should follow some recommendations on how to write a review properly.

We can help you with this issue. A review is an objective evaluation of a concrete subject. In this case, it's some model of a car. You should pass the next stages:


  • Prepare to write.
  • Test the vehicle.
  • Write the review.
  • Revise the paper.


We'll cast more light on every part to provide you with the necessary insights taken from a team of advanced writers.

Part #1

Before you start to write, you should get prepared and be fully armed with certain data and materials. The first step is to choose a concrete vehicle. It will be your topic. For instance, you may choose a Ford F-150. You should understand that your investigation may go two ways. You will either like the car or no. At any rate, you're obliged to be objective and write all the details about the testing of the car and its major abilities.

While you compose the outline, think about the main points to disclose. Consider your audience. Ask yourself what your readers would like to know about the car you review. Try to find out all those details. One of the best ways to write a good car review is to read reviews of other authors. These may be even car journals and magazines. You're not obliged to read some scientific reviews.

Define the type of the car, find some data on its creation, write about its manufacturer, find out what it was created for, find some design peculiarities and so on. Make sure you have selected the trustworthy information sources.

Part #2

The second part may be a bit complicated. You have to drive the chosen vehicle on your own. What are the possible obstacles? First of all, you and your mates may not have this car. To overcome it, visit an auto store and ask for test-driving.

Secondly, you may have no driving license or even not know how to drive a car. To overcome this issue, ask an experienced driver to take you for a drive. Try to feel the way the vehicle moves and fulfills its functions. Drive as much as possible and try all the features and functions offered by the car. Try out the navigation system, sensors, breaks, the backup camera, and even the stereo system. Evaluate its quality, power, and convenience.

To make objective conclusions, you should drive a new car. At least find the one, which goes perfectly and has to defects. If you try a damaged vehicle, your analysis won't be fair. Ask the opinion of other drivers who drove this model. Another crucial tip is to test similar models of competitors. Other car companies release similar models and if you test them too, you can use the method of compare and contrast. It will help to receive a better understanding of the quality of the reviewed vehicle.

Don't forget to make notes. Otherwise, you may miss some crucial points. Every detail may be important.

Part #3

The next part of your car review is to write a draft or two. Begin with the introduction. It should provide some general data on your paper. Tell your readers what type of car you've chosen for the analysis and explain your choice.

The main plot reveals all the features, advantages and drawbacks of the car. Have a strong and objective opinion. Even if you don't like a too modern style of a car, don't write "The design is overly modern". Better replace this statement with the following sentence "The design and style are more modern than I prefer, but it's suitable for most youngsters".

Try to use real examples out of life. This approach will make your research catchier and won't be a boring enumeration of facts. Don't say "The cabin is quiet". Make the story more vivid and write something like this "The silence of the cabin is perfect and I can easily hear everything that happens around. I can even hold a normal conversation via the cell phone".

Of course, you ought to cover the whole car. While your driving test, pay attention to aesthetic, practicability, performance, price, comfort and so on. Provide your readers with all they want to find out about the car.

Afterward, implement your conclusion. Give an objective evaluation of the vehicle. Tell all about the advantages and disadvantages. Justify your viewpoint and explain why you'd choose this vehicle or would not. Remain impartial and fair no matter how good or bad your test drive was.

Part #4

Finally, reread your review. Never be lazy and don't skip revising. It helps to define some weak points and mistakes that may be critical. There are a lot of things to consider. Pay attention to:


  • Structure;
  • Grammar;
  • Word choice;
  • Style;
  • Punctuation;
  • Spelling;
  • Transitions and similar essentials.


You're welcome to use as many checking methods as you want. Don't forget about plagiarism, grammar, and style checking programs. They sufficiently quicken and ease this process. After you find all the mistakes and fix them, you can freely submit the paper.