Infiniti QX70 just got a bit more exclusive thanks to a new body kit and tuning package by AHG-Sports. The Japanese QX70 SUV is really worth to be noticed because after the improvements, it shows refined performance characteristics and specifications.

Named LR2, the body kit is comprised of front bumper with LED day lights, side skirts, wheel moldings which are painted in the same color as that of the car, rear bumper with talipipes and body colored wheels. The price of this pack is 11,900 Euros, which results in bringing the final cost of the reworked Infiniti to 89,900 Euros.

There is a bunch of other goodiesfor the AHG-Sports Infiniti QX70 such as: brake calipers in red with "Infiniti" lettering for 1,200 Euros engine covering painted in red for 200 Euros door handles in car color for 600 Euros painted in mat black roof rails and radiator grill for 1,150 Euros chrome trims wrapped in mat black for 980 Euros wheel set CLR22 DB703 with tires 285/35R22 for 5,900 Euros wheel spacing by 15 mm for 500 Euros lowering by 25 mm for 1,250 Euros and sport exhaust system for 2,990 Euros

Lastly, for the Infiniti QX70's turbo-diesel engine, the tuner offers an upgrade kit which boost the power to 280 HP for 1,250 Euros.

A lot of numbers, isn't it?

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Source: Miranda-Media