Autodelta will be present at the PistonHeads Performance Car Show in Birmingham later this week (January 8-11) with two contrasting members of its bespoke range: the numbingly-powerful Autodelta 147 GTA AM 3.7 Super, the ultimate expression of dynamic ability and track prowess, and the luxurious Autodelta 159 J4 2.2 C, an effortless high-performance ‘grand tourer', and the latest member of the exclusive J-series range.

The PistonHeads Performance Car Show is no ordinary exhibition, with no ordinary cars. After the success of the first PistonHeads show a year ago, a plethora of rare and exotic sports cars will once again be in abundance at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. The show takes place in conjunction with the Autosport International show. Autodelta has traditionally presented its bespoke models at Autosport International, the world's largest motor sports show, and was delighted to support the inaugural PistonHeads Show last year. We are now equally pleased to be part of the second edition.

Autodelta 147 GTA AM 3.7 Super – the ultimate expression of dynamic prowess

Pushing the dynamic envelope of Alfa Romeos to the very edge to create sports cars that thrill and challenge the driver is our motivation; the search for that very last useable horsepower makes our engineers tick. At the PistonHeads Performance Car Show we will present our latest ‘evolution' of the ‘Arese 3.2 V6' package, combined with our all-round dynamically improved Alfa 147 GTA package. Enlarged to 3.7-litres and supercharged under our core production programme, this unique Alfa 147 now boasts 440 bhp; and, on top of the standard 147 GTA AM 3.7 Super, it features revised camshafts and inlet system, re-rated suspension and our new-generation, even tougher, Limited Slip Differential. Although in effect a ‘mobile laboratory', the car's inherent driveability and practicality remains undiminished. Last October this dazzling car demonstrated its high performance credentials in impressive style during Autovisie Time Attack at TT Circuit Assen. It was the fastest in its class during the timed runs even though it was up against many bigger and more powerful machines.

Autodelta 147 GTA AM Super (2007) - picture 1 of 3
Autodelta 147 GTA AM Super (2007) - picture 2 of 3
Autodelta 147 GTA AM Super (2007) - picture 3 of 3

Autodelta 159 J4 2.2 C – an effortless and luxurious ‘grand tourer'

The Autodelta 159 J4 2.2 C became the third member of the exclusive bespoke J-series range last summer, joining the Brera J5 3.2 C and Spider J6 3.2 C in the prestigious Autodelta line up. After 18 months of intensive research and development we were pleased to commercialise this new car, which took us in a slightly different direction: creating a stylish, effortless, ultimate performance ‘grand tourer' that never for a moment compromises in the task of cosseting the driver with a smooth and luxurious ride. It is the perfect machine to take a family across the continent: in record time, in Italianesque style, in a relaxing environment, and always imbuing the occupants with the sheer pleasure of traditional ‘touring' motoring. Under its sleek, swaged bonnet beats the muscular heart of this powerhouse: a supercharged version of Alfa Romeo's 2.2 JTS direct injection petrol engine, the first production application of forced induction to this robust engine. The incorporation of the Rotrex C30-74 supercharger and a specifically-developed bespoke system boosts the 2.2-litre unit's maximum power from the standard 185 bhp up to 245 bhp, an increase of 60 bhp. Meanwhile, peak torque is raised from 230 Nm to 290 Nm, giving the vibrant sports saloon an extra 60 Nm of torque. The usual Autodelta all-round refinements hone this car into a pure expression of the joys of Alfa Romeo motoring.

Autodelta Alfa Romeo 159 J4 2.2 C (2008) - picture 1 of 4
Autodelta Alfa Romeo 159 J4 2.2 C (2008) - picture 2 of 4
Autodelta Alfa Romeo 159 J4 2.2 C (2008) - picture 3 of 4
Autodelta Alfa Romeo 159 J4 2.2 C (2008) - picture 4 of 4

Autodelta Sportline and GTA Racing – optimised performance parts

Autodelta sells an unrivalled range of high performance components under the Autodelta Sportline and GTA Racing banners. Each component is designed and optimised to offer significant performance and dynamic improvements and is the result of details development programme that includes arduous testing; and comes with the usual Autodelta warrantees. At the PistonHeads Performance Car Show we will present a selected range of Autodelta Sportline and GTA Racing components, from carbon fibre air intakes and aerodynamic aids, through brake discs and remapped ECUs, to superchargers and exhausts.

PistonHeads Performance Car Show

PistonHeads Performance Car Show will run parallel to Autosport International, the world's biggest motorsport show from January 8–11. The PistonHeads Show is an extension of the web magazine, which is one of the world's biggest online communities in the automotive sector with over 2 million unique visitors per month. Members of the PistonHeads community count their primary interest as ownership and enjoyment of prestigious sports cars such as Aston Martin, Caterham, Ginetta, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Lotus, Noble, Porsche, TVR and Ultima as well as high-performance and EVO models of cars such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault and Subaru. The show will feature numerous displays dedicated to performance cars and the fun of driving on the road, off-road and on the track. Visitors will be able to meet specialists in tuning and performance equipment and get professional advice. All visitors to PistonHeads show also get free access to Autosport International as well as a seat in the Live Action Arena, UK's largest indoor race track where race and stunt drivers show their skills in some of the fastest and most expensive cars around. Show highlights will include: Live Action Arena, 5 Decades of the 911, PistonHeads Car Display, Autocar Display, Mercedes AMG Driving Experience, Track Day Cars, The Hand Built British Sports Car Pavilion, Subaru Impreza Drivers Club Feature and BMW Car Club M-POWER Feature.