2021 Subaru Barracuda1

For about eight years, Subaru with the BRZ offered (just like Toyota with its sister model GT86) a compact, affordable sports car designed for purist driving pleasure. While the sales successes were still relatively manageable, it is a pity that the BRZ has meanwhile been sent into well-deserved retirement and that the second generation, which has meanwhile been revealed, will no longer come to Europe. All that remains is to enjoy the existing first-generation vehicles - such as this example, which is on a set of high-quality rims from Barracuda Racing Wheels.

The sporty Shoxx wheels with five double spokes and a matt black finish in the dimensions 8x19 inches sit under the fenders of the Subarus. They come with 225/35 tire. In this combination, assembly on the BRZ is possible without any body work and of course a suitable part certificate is available. For an even sportier look, the coupé was moreover lowered using an ST X coilover kit from ST suspensions.

By the way: As an alternative to the black, the Barracuda Shoxx is also available in the trendy and eye-catching bronze finish and in other dimensions - the range extends from 18 to 20 inches.

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