The triple is complete: after the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet completes the revival of the Pony Cars with the new Camaro. From 1966 to 2002 Chevrolet produced four Camaro generations. Well preserved exemplars of the first model range are treasured collectibles nowadays.

When the US-american carmaker presented the concept ´model of the completely new Camaro at the Detroit Motor Show, the appeal was so outstanding that they decided for a serial production of a fifth generation of the 4-seated coupe and a relaunch of the american legend.

With the mostly unloved fourth generation the new car has nothing in common. The designer rather combined retro elements ith modern forms, drew an aggressive front, a brawny rear as well as a bold side- and roofline. An unmistakable homage to the muscle cars of the 1960th and 1970th. One of the first Camaros came  just a few days ago via plane form the States to Germany and directly into the showroom of Geiger in munich. There the 4 seated coupe can not just be looked at but can be ordered as well.

The Camaro types LS and LT with their 308 hp, 3.6 litre-V6 are superior motorized. The modern light metall gear develops 370 nm at 5.200 revolutions. More powerful is the V8 with 6.2 litres capacity in the type SS (Super Sport). This one is available in two versions which achieve up to 432 hp and send max 569 nm torsional in direction of the drive chain.

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Concerning the drive chain: the 6- and 8-cylinder cars can be combined with a 6-stepped conventional transmission as well as with a 6-stepped automatic transmission.

Of course the Camaro has rear whell drive

The technique of the carriage is modern: for the front axle Chevrolet uses a multi-link- suspension, at the rear axle they use single wheel suspensions.  Disc brakes all around are in series. Chevrolet fits the V8 models factory provided on both axles with 4-cock brake systems from Brembo with 355x32 and 365x28 mm brake discs.

The extensive Camaro  standard equipment always contains two-stage front air bags, side air bags, windowbags for the first and second tiers, air condition, audio system, cruise control, daylights, exhaust system made of stainless steel, ESP, traction control and alarm system.

The supersport editiond differs optically through the bumpers painted in the colour of the car, the special front guard, a lower rear valance with a diffusor, an air channel as well as air ducts to cool the brakes. With an additionla charge the mandatory rear spoiler is also available for the LT-models. The SS-Coupes are in series hooped with 8x20" und 9x20" light alloy wheels with tires in the sizes 245/45R20  in the front and 275/40R20 in the back.