Canadian-Tire-Ice-Truck-mediumWhen life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, goes the cliché saying. Apparently, however, lemonade isn't good enough for Canada. In fact, forget the lemons, they have ice to deal with. Lots and lots of ice. What do you do with it? An big truck of ice, that's what.

And we're not talking about a sculpture or anything. No, this is a fully (or at least satisfyingly) functional truck with a real engine, an exhaust system, a bed-frame, big snowy tires and a pair of bumpers. The other bits, however, are quite...erm... melty. It even has a pine air freshener made up of ice. How cool is that?

Very. See, Canadian Tire - the company backing the project - didn't just build it for fun (although, one does wonder). Among other things, they sell car batteries. In order to showcase their dependency even in the coldest of environment, they chilled deep froze one such battery to -40 Celsius and then put it in a truck made of ice. It's just like in the movie Inception...sort of.

No clue what the engine is or all the other, usually relevant stuff, but just by seing it move, we really don't We are really at a loss of words here. Oh, and the battery running under these conditions is also... you know... impressive. Go check it out:




Picture Source: Canadian Tire via Facebook

Video Source: Canadian Tire via YouTube