We have pleasure in presenting you our latest body styling equipments for the new AUDI A3 FACELIFT 2009 models.

These ones consist of:

* a front spoiler in 2 parts
(not compatible with the exterior "S-Line" package)

* a rear spoiler with exhaust (L & R tips)
(not compatible with the "QUATTRO" version) or without exhaust (foreseen for the original one)

* a set of side skirts

* a roof spoiler (2 versions : for the A3 and for the A3 Sportback)

Audi A3 CARACTERE, 1 of 5
Audi A3 CARACTERE, 2 of 5
Audi A3 CARACTERE, 3 of 5
Audi A3 CARACTERE, 4 of 5
Audi A3 CARACTERE, 5 of 5

All these parts are made from PURim,  TÜV certified and benefit from a 5 year warranty period (2 years for the exhausts)

Already available on the market.