REVOLTe is inspired by the legendary 2CV. The new concept takes all key features of Citroen's classic 2CV and in the same makes them better. The new REVOLTe is more luxurious, more intelligent and more sport orientated.

REVOLTe measures just 3.68m long, 1.73m wide and 1.35m tall. It is a typical compact city car with aggressive style. But this car is not only futuristic exterior, but it is fashion and glamorous inside.

The original and distinctive three-seater layout - driver's seat to one side with two passenger seats behind it - is designed to resemble a lounge, with the rear seats taking the form of a contemporary sofa.

REVOLTe's re-chargeable hybrid power-train features a small-capacity conventional combustion engine combined with an electric motor and a battery re-charging function.