2014 Daihatsu Mira e:S Mini is getting some minor updates for the new model year. The passenger car achieves best fuel efficiency for a gasoline engine vehicle of 35.2 km/l and has jus been released nationwide. In fact, the Mira e:S has been announced the "third eco-friendly car" that delivers high fuel efficiency next to affordability. Thee latest refinements result exactly to improved fuel efficiency.

The engine of the car has been updated and now offers higher compression ratio as well as the adoption of Atkinson cycle technology and a dual injector. The energy management evolves through the improvement of Eco Power Generation Control. This allows the car achieves fuel efficiency of 35.2 km/l, that us the best result for a gasoline engine vehicle.

Furthermore, Daihatsu has added a new Black Interior Package. It comprises of full black-based interior, including black seat upholstery, 16 cm 4 door speakers, leather-bound steering wheel and audio panel.

The enhancement of the e:S technology as mentioned results in great fuel efficiency. It is due to the adopting of three key evolutions: power train, vehicle, and energy management evolution. These major aspects of e:S technology, have resulted in improved combustion efficiency, reduced running resistance, and enhanced energy efficiency.

First of all, the power train evolution offers improved combustion efficiency through a higher compression ratio. It has been increased from 11.3 to 12.2. In addition, Atkinson cycle technology and a dual injector have been adopted to avoid the knocking that accompanies a higher compression ratio.

Next, vehicle's evolution includes a tire deflector that has been added for the rear tires. It additionally reduces air resistance in the time of driving. And at last, the energy management has evolved through the adoption of Eco Power Generation Control, which reduces the engine load and delivers better fuel economy.

Source: Daihatsu